Name: Johnny Bishop

Alias: Thermal Optic

Power: Fire/Ignition

Weapon: Hand Blaster

Movement: Flight

Faction: Hero

Mentor: Batman

Age: 43

Nationality: American

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Current Residence: East End, Gotham City

Occupation: Roboticist

Physical Characteristics:Edit

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 600 lbs.

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: European

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: None (formally Blonde)


Johnny Bishop was a robotics scientist working for Wayne Tech in Gotham City.  He was working on a robotic weapon prototype called the Intra-Thermal Optical Laser Unit which ran solely on self-contained nuclear energy.  As the name suggests, the heat energy can be focused through its optic port as a laser as well as heat based weapons systems.  Unbeknownst to him, these robots would eventually, yet unsuccessfully, try to help stem the Brainiac invasion of the future.  Whether the exobytes have a sense of poetic justice, or it was just the cruel hand of fate, the exobytes uploaded John’s consciousness into the prototype’s CPU.  Despite losing his human body, John knew that this crisis is what he’s worked so hard on to fight.  Now, instead of just creating the tools other people would use, he can be on the front lines.  He teams up with Batman because of his technical wizardry.  His robotic body gives him all types of advantages.  He’s super strong and durable, he’s able to shoot flame blasts from his arm canon and engulf his enemies in fire, as well as the ability to propel himself through the air.  He took the nick name of the prototype robot his team was working on; Thermal Optic.