The New Breed (also known as the Justice League Midwest) is a group of superheroes based in Detroit, Michigan.


The members of the group include:

  • Fyrepit, the fire-slinging leader, and the most powerful of the group
  • Allen Harrison, the slightly self-righteous Green Lantern
  • Cardinal, the street-wise sorceress
  • Sherri Cole, the gritty detective with a heart of gold
  • Azalea, the flirtatious crimefighter with a direct connection to nature
  • Johnny Proton, the time-bending speedster

Reserve members:

  • Voltaire, the newest champion of Shazam
  • The Sanctity, a fallen angel manifested in the form of man
  • Serfetta, an alien with a mind-bending talent for illusionism


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