The Dark Spade (Cyrian Spade)

  • Real Name: Cyrian Spade
  • Add me: Cyrian Spade (PS3)
  • Codename: The Dark Spade, (often reffered to as 'Spade')
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Hair: Jet Black
  • Movement: Flight
  • Power: Mental
  • Weapon: Staff

CYRIAN SPADE was a clever and fast-witted magician, living in Gotham city, making his living performing illusions for Gotham's richest, at their upscale bals and fundraisers. He lead a fairly normal life, until the exobyte affair came upon earth...


Cyrian Spade always had slight mental powers prior to being exposed to the exobytes, in fact he often used these powers when performing his illusions. After being exposed to the exobytes however, it was soon discovered that Cyrian's psychic abilities had grown incredibly powerful. The Justic League of America became aware of his newly aquired powers and assigned him to the Wonder Woman's mentorship. He then began the arduous process of learning to control his powers through acient magic, and becoming the hero known today as THE DARK SPADE. 


Cyrian Spade

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The Dark Spade

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The Dark Spade - Gotham City

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The Dark Spade