Name: Rampant Rage aka Rampage, Troy Stromm

Species: Human

Faction: Villian

Powers: Incredible Strength, Tank durability, can increase body heat to critically high temperatures,

Traits: Military combat training, tactician, aggressive, fire arms expert

Rivals: Deathstroke

Friends: Bizarro


Working for Project Cadmus as a field combatant, General Troy Stromm was a highly decorated vet who came out of retirement from the Marine Corp out of boredom with everyday life.

After new villians and heroes began popping up in the world, Cadmus began experimenting with the exobytes and creating their own team of super soldiers. General Stromm volunteered for the experiment and gained incredible powers. Super strength, Increase in size, tank-like Durability, super enhanced athleticism, and the ability to control his own body heat. As a side effect his skin has turned red and when enraged his body overheats. As he trained more with his powers at a secret Cadmus facility he eventually learned to bypass overheating by expelling flames from the pores of his body.

Soon after, these super soldiers were given infiltration assignments. Stromm creates an alter ego Rampant Rage; a seemingly mindless unstoppable tool of destruction that attacks anything that moves. Through this he begins infiltrating the Hall of Doom, awaiting orders.