I do not regret the hand Fate has dealt me. This is what I was born to do.

Personal BioEdit

Name: Cain 'Skylark' Cray

Age: 42

Race: Caucasian

Species: Meta-Empowered Human

Hair: Black

Eyes: Emissive Orange (Formerly Brown)

Civillian Occupation: Unable to reintegrate into civillian workforce.

Known Family: Serah Cray (Wife), Kalia Cray (Daughter)

Powers and AffiliationEdit

Affiliation: Justice League

Origin: Meta

Mentor: Superman

Powers: Fire

Movement: Flight

Weapons: Staff


Born in Metropolis and nicknamed 'Skylark' by his friends, Cain more or less lived an unremarkable life... at least as unremarkable a life as living in a city full of battles between criminal masterminds and meta-human champions could be anyway. He would eventually meet and wed college sweetheart Serah Morgan, and have a daughter. Years later, Cain would wonder if he was meant for more in life while sitting in his desk job. The day that Braniac invaded would change everything.

In the ensuing chaos, due to his own protective nature, Cain would aid in the evacuation of his fellow civillians. During that time, a delayed Exobyte merged with his DNA, and in a burst of power grant him control of fire and sprout wings from his back. In his confusion, he would be ambushed, captured, and imprisoned in one of Braniac's collector ships. However, Braniac's robots underestimated Cain's will to survive.

In a rampage of fire, Cain tore through Braniac's ship with the timely aid of Oracle, and eventually Superman himself. Upon witnessing the Man of Steel in action, and realizing the things he could do with his new powers, Cain knew that he had finally found his true calling...


Unlike most superheroes, Pyroseraph is unable to return to a civillian identity due to the fact that he is unable to hide or retract his wings. Thus, his identity as Cain Cray is more or less an open secret. One would think that this would make his family a prime target for villains... except that his wife and daughter have also been empowered by Exobytes and are thus able to take care of themselves.