==Pinkie PowPow Level 30 CR/SP unknown Real Name: Unknown Previous Stagename: Chip Studley

Growing up without parents or a home meant a tough life for Chip. Although he wasn't ready to hit the streets as an actual villain, Chip committed petty crimes occasionally simply to be able to eat. Finally, Chip was given a break. Constantly working out in the alley as a way to pass the time left Chip in good shape, leading to an offer to dance at an exclusive Gentleman's Club in Metropolis.

Chip finally had a life for himself. He was making enough money to afford a small place to live, and could eat regularly. Life was finally working out in his favor. Until the self-righteous hero Wonder Woman showed up, taking it upon herself to determine what is "clean" and "right" in the city of Metropolis. This isn't even her city! Why should she even have a say in it all!?

It was then that Chip discovered this was no ordinary Gentleman's Club. Mob owned, the club guards put up a very serious fight against the Amazon; however, in the end the club was destroyed. No more job, Chip found himself homeless, hungry, and very angry. Several months later, Chip was approached by a strange man he barely recognized from the club, who revealed himself as the previous owner. Chip was escorted into a back room where he was met with one of the strangest women he had ever met: Circe. 

Circe injected Chip with a strange vial, swearing and cursing that her goons had not gathered enough "exobits" for her. What is an exobit? Chip had heard this word before, but never learned enough about them. As Circe explained to Chip that she was going to be injecting him with the ability to control time and space itself, Chip immediately knew what he would do with his new power.

Chip, now going by the name Pinkie PowPow in honor of one of his fellow dancers that lost his life that night, controls every situation with his new found ability, and is bent on revenge for Wonder Woman and the entire Justice League.