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Pietra Rasputin

Pietra Rasputin[a] (aka Miss Collosus), gentle and caring sister of a famous female cosmonaut and a teleporting metahuman sorcerer was born to a simple farm in Siberia. Displaying an inheriting genetic gift whilst attempting to save his brother from a runaway tractor, Pietra was able to transmute her skin into pure organic steel.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

In her steel form, Miss Collosus is given superhuman durability, able to withstand deadly attacks of any origin. She is somewhat immune to shock damage, magic and heat and can survive falls from great distances. She is
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Being all sexy and metallic...

also capable of extreme stamina and strength in this form. She has no known weaknesses besides telekinesis and magnokinesis and is physically able to left up to 100 tons.

As a human, she is still a capable fighter with near-peak human stength and agility, being able to bech 700 lbs. She uses martial arts rather than heavy blows to incapacitate her foes in this form, protecting herself and her loved ones without needing to reveal her identity.

Pietra is also a talented painter, who once became famous for the art under the alias of "Petra Nicholas" while suffering from amnesia.

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: Miss Colossus
True Name: Pietra Rasputina
Species: Metahuman
Eyes: Blue/White
Skin: White/Grey
Weapons: Organic Steel Fists
Affiliation: X-Women, Justice League
Unusual Features: Transmutation (and a fondness of yellow clothing)


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Wanting to use her powers to change the world, Pietra became affiliated with the league "X Women". The X Women are a special metahuman task force charged with protecting metahuman kind from villains such as Lex Luthor and Doctor Psycho, as well as contributing to the good of Earth and mankind as we know it. If you are an X-Woman - which you're clearly not - please contact VenomD95 for info on how to join this pointless league.