DC Universe Online 11

Some strange creature has visit Earth.

(Each one for their own)Edit

Each and and every soul in the universe has an origin, the biggest question is were do life come from or who do life come from. After doing some research Dr. Kalex has found a missing link within the life organism theory, it just wasnt right he quoted. On July 23rd 1421 using the telescope neighbors that live around town in Nashville saw something in the sky late around 12am, some actually claimed it was another brainiac invader, some claimed it was an angel come to take them away from the destructed Earth, so Dr. Kalex try to get photos from them but there was none, but he was able to get descriptions of this creature's appearance. Some decribed this creature as Archangel like, some say they can see the universe through the flesh of this creature, and few described it as a hoax, a cat with wings as a prank, but deep down Dr. Kalex knew something special was up there.Edit

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Unknown ( Legendary Creature Most people prefer it as)

Height: Unknown ( Depicted to be around 2'7" to 4'7")

Weight: Unknown ( Depicted to be around 100lbs to 120lbs

Skin: Pink and purple mix

Gender: ( Depicted to be a Female 85% Depicted to be Male 15%)

Genectic composition: Scientists state that this creature has a similar structure to ours but it is more complex than anyone can imagine. "It is not human by any means" quote from Dr. Kalex

Eyes: Blue somestimes green

Origin: Theories by Dr. Kalex "The ancestor of all life on Earth", "The main essence of life in the universe"

Power: Some have seen it with strong Psychic influence on nature, some has seen it with all types of powers, Shapeshift many claim it can do as well.

DC Universe Creature

More information is being obtained, It seems this Creature has a shy nature to it.