Adrian Micheals
Midknight Titan

Faction Hero
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Bay City


Power Celestial
Origin Magic
Movement Flight
Weapon Hand Blaster

Server        USPS3



  • Titan
  • Mr. Midnight
  • The Midknight
  • Midknight Titan

Age: 27         Height: 6'             Weight:170lb

Hair Color: Chesnut/Silver          Eyes: Blue/Energetic

  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Energy Projection and Manipulation
  • Teleportation

Early LifeEdit

Adrian Brandon Micheals was born to Philip Adrian Micheals and his wife Ellen Veronica ne Chanlders.  It seemed he would have the perfect life, until his mother left him when he was six months old.  He never saw her again.  His father poured himself into work and his son.  He was an amazing father and did everything for/with his son.  Their favorite activity was Wednesday nights.  After school and work the two would head down to the local comic book story and grab their favorite books.  Wednesday and Thursday nights at their house was typically silent as they read the books they'd picked up, and then switched the following night.  Until he was ten years old these were the moments he cherished; curled up on the couch in their small one bedroom apartment with his dad with a cheep pizza opened on the coffee table.  On the weekends his father worked early afternoons at a local movie theater for spending money; his full time job covered the expenses and a little bit left.  This had a perk, all the movies he and his son could watch.  During this time, Adrian would stay with Mrs. Wilkin, an elderly widow with three grandchildren of her own; who lived two doors down.  He spent his Saturday mornings watching super heroes on her tv as well.

One weekend, shortly before his eleventh birthday his father picked up two extra shifts one Saturday for money for Adrian's birthday.  While walking home late that night his father was shot and killed in a botched hold up, he never carried cash.  He knew something was wrong when he woke up late that night, still at Mrs. Wilkin's.  His father always carried his home and put him in bed when he worked late.  It was the phone that woke him up.  All he heard was a gasp from Mrs. Wilkin's room, followed by controlled sobs as she said things he couldn't understand out of the context.  With no family and no next of kin, Adrian was shipped of to the foster system.

His first house had two other boys in it both older than he was.  He quickly learned that they did not share his love of comic books and super heroes.  He called them Lex and Victor behind their backs, referencing his two least favorite villains.  His new family did not stop by the comic book shop on Wednesday; nor did they believe that any movie other than a bio pic, RomCom, or holiday film worth while.  Adrian began to keep to himself, he became quiet and passive.  His foster family suggested state counseling for children in his position, thinking him depressed.  Soon it was deemed that, while not a bad environment per se, it wasn't what was best for Adrian.  He would spend the next four years in and out of temporary homes until, at the age of fifteen, Adrian ran away from the orphanage he had landed in and began to live on the streets of Bay City.

Still quiet and passive, Adrian did what he needed to to survive.  He found food where he could and took odd jobs for money.  He never stole anything, he never did anything illegal; he still held true to his favorite heroes ideals.  He had decided a long time ago to always live the way his father would want him to.  He found himself to be happier on his own, but noticed how his passive nature kept him from being noticed.  He considered this a good thing.
Adrian Asleep

His 25th birthday fell on a Wednesday and he had saved up enough to get himself two books.  He had also had his eye on an amazing "Happy Birthday Amanda" cake at the local bakery that had yet to be picked up.  "It may not be my name," he thought, "but at least its an 'A'."  He went to the closest comic shop and bought the latest issues of his two favorite heroes.  He checked the bakery's dumpster and there was the cake, in its box, laying right on top.  He thought this was the best birthday ever.  When he picked up the cake he noticed something shiny underneath.  He pulled out an odd blue gem like a large sapphire.  It was shaped like a small NERF football and had four silver strips laid into its sides.  "Hide it fast" he thought.  He dropped the cake and the small bag with his comics and quickly removed his jacket.  He wrapped the gem in his coat, picked up the cake and comics, and headed to a local paw shop quickly.  He went to one he used often.  He only sold found items and nothing he had ever brought in had been reported stolen.

The shop owner wouldn't take it.  He said that this thing had been stolen, three years ago, from the cities richest man, Aldren Omnius.  He knew Adrian hadn't stolen it so he told him to keep it and consider it a birthday present.  Adrian thought carrying it would be too dangerous but he didn't know where to stash it yet.  He headed to a local shelter to share his birthday cake with some friends and stay the night.  That night none of his friends stayed, after the cake and lunch they all went their separate ways as Adrian settled down to read his books.  As night approached two large men entered the shelter; the sleeve of Adrian's bundled coat shifted and revealed the gem he hadn't yet hidden.  He rolled of his bed and fell on top of it.  The two large men lunged towards him and began to beat him and grab at him to try and get the gem.  He clutched it tightly and remembered when the only brothers he had ever had used to beat him up.  The thought entered his mind, that unlike those two, these two might not stop until he was dead.  The second that thought entered his mind the gem began to get warm, then hot.  A second later there was a pulse of energy knocking out everyone in the room.  He felt the gem sink into his chest as eight individual oval shaped stones appeared and latched on to Adrian's arms and legs.  A bright light then began to spread from those gems across his body.  In a flash he had changed, he grabbed his comics and leaped out of the nearby window.  That was when he discovered his first super power and flew away into the night, whooping happily.


Adrian wasted no time letting the city know he was around, the very next day no less than 400 people called into local newspaper and TV stations reporting a man flying through the air.  In his first week “on the job” he stopped 3 robberies, 15 muggings, 2 attempted rapes, and caught the car of man who fell asleep while driving home and drove off of a bridge.  He noticed that he no longer felt tired or fatigued so he patrolled the city all day and night long.  Each and every day he was the front page story and the headline news.  Yet, he had not given anyone an interview or even a name, so each paper and news caster had their own name for him, hoping to be the one to finally name him.  Though Adrian didn’t like any of the nick names he had been given, Captain Yellow Eyes was his lease favorite of all.

During his second week on the job a reporter finally caught up to him before he could fly away.  He only had enough time to ask one question, “Who are you?”  Adrian had always like the stories of the Greek Golden Age of Mythology and specifically the gods that ruled it, the Titans; so he responded, “I am Titan.  I’m here to keep you safe.”  Then flew off.  He finally had a name he was proud of and the papers and TV stations caught on quickly.  However, Adrian was beginning to feel something pulling on his mind.  He had spent now three weeks as Titan and had no idea how to remove his costume or change back to himself.  The only piece he was able to remove was his hooded cloak; which would disintegrate when removed and reintegrate on his body again.  He began to worry that he was trapped in this form, never again to be normal, ever!  However, just like when he got his powers the first time, the second he thought about becoming himself again, there was a flash of white light and he was Adrian.  From that moment on he was able to change back and forth at will.

Titan was quick to discover his first powers.  Flight he learned during hour one and he realized his strength during his first heroic action, preventing a mugging.  He lifted the guy so hard by his arm he nearly tore it clean off.  After that he became much gentler and tried to keep his emotions from influencing how he handled the criminals of his city.  He did have to visit the hospital nearly every day to drop off the criminals he was accidentally injuring severely.

Once he learned how to switch between his ‘forms’ he began to look for a place he could call home-like.  He had not really had a home since he was ten years old, so he didn’t really know what to look for.  He had no job so anywhere that would require rent was out.  He also felt that attempting to get a job would take away from his time to be Titan and protect the people of his city.  He first tried rooftops of several tall buildings.  However, he found that the police and buildings’ security didn’t take too kindly to a homeless man attempting to live on top of various buildings around town.  That was when he saw it one evening while flying through the city.  Many people knew of the system of caves that ran near the west edge of the city, but they were very difficult to reach so most people never went near them.  That was compounded with the

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cities Nuclear Plant located almost ‘next door.’  For Titan, however, reaching the largest of these small caves was simple.  All he had to do was fly down the slopes to the small cut off section of beach and he could walk right into to his new home.  It was a 400 square feet hole in the cliff, 30 feet from the water’s edge at high tide.  A month ago he had only what he could find, and now he had beach front property.  He smiled as he thought about how proud his father would be if he could see him now.



During Titan’s first six months he didn’t come in contact with anyone more than a powerful mob boss.    That was until a man in a powered exo-suit calling himself Automaton made his appearance.  Automaton used a rocket pack to fly and some sort of strange boxing glove/jack hammer hybrid weapons.  One punch from Automaton sent Titan flying half a block backwards during their first encounter.  Automaton mocked Titan, claiming that he was designed for and paid for by the group Titan had been squeezing out since his arrival.  It was during this first encounter that Titan discovered his ability to channel light/energy out of his hands.  After this discovery Titan would become an even more prolific force for good within Bay City.  Going so far as too be honored by the Mayor and Police Chief … a ceremony Titan did not show up for, but one which Adrian was more than happy to attend; mainly so he could hear what the two had to say about him.  He smiled as he left, now knowing for a fact, how much the people of Bay City looked up to him  That they felt safer than they ever had due to their new flying crime fighter.  Adrian thought his life was perfect!  He hoped it would never change; but hopes are often dashed.  As Adrian would soon find out, they are dashed hard!

Making FriendsEdit

Nearing his one year anniversary Adrian was looking forward to a great year. He had practiced and honed his energy projection skills. He had gotten good enough that he could emit jets of energy from his hands while in flight. This helped to increase his flight speed considerably. One of the ways he practiced was on his cave. By concentrating the energy around his hands he could vaporize stone allowing him to carefully expand his cave. He had salvaged an old refrigerator, generator, and several couches from a local dump and had the place feeling quiet homey. Interestingly enough, he shared his cave with a small unkindly of ravens; who would roost in the cave at night. Three days before his anniversary he was flying through downtown when an emergency broad cast came over every nearby TV and big screen. The town of Iron Rails, specifically the military base located there, had come under attack by a local mob funded street gang, the Burning Jesters, lead by the psychotic, Mister Skullhead. The gang had been outfitted with some major hardware and Mister Skullhead was trying out his new flame gear for the fire time. The military had been caught off guard not expecting an attack in middle America of this scale. Local vigilante, dubbed “The Guardian Angel” by the press, was fighting alongside the military in an attempt to thwart the attack. The chaos had quickly expanded into the street and was now beginning to endanger the lives of the civilian population.


The Guardian Angel

Titan had been to Iron Rails once, with his father along time ago. His father had been allowed to bring him along on a business trip to Iron Rails for a week. When not in meetings and seminars his father and he explored every inch of the historic town, one built on trains. It was one of the only vacations he and his father had been on. He wished he could help but Iron Rails was hours away at his fastest speed. The news reports flashed pictures of people running from explosions and debris flying through the air; and Titan became angry he couldn't help. All he could do was think and focus on the happy memories he had now meshed along with the horror in front of him. He grit his teeth and squeezed his eyes as light poured out of them like liquid lightning and screamed “I have to do ...” That was all the people of Bay City heard. What they saw, however, was Titan vanish in a bright flash of golden light.

What the people of Iron Rails saw was a brilliant flash of light as Titan appeared in their skies. What they heard was “... SOMETHING!”

Titan looked around noticing he was no longer in downtown Bay City, he couldn’t believe it; he had somehow willed himself to Iron Rails.  He had no real idea where the military base was from where he had appeared, however, he felt the explosions and quickly building fire were good indicators of where he needed to be.  In a comet of black, silver, blue, and golden yellow he streaked across the sky.  When he approached he noticed the city’s fire department quickly trying to evacuate nearby buildings.  Titan swooped in and helped them get everyone out.  Once he and the local authorities were sure everyone was out of the immediate area, Titan instructed the Fire department and police to barricade the war zone, no one in, everyone out.  That was when a tank painted in orange red and yellow, the colors of the Burning Jesters rolled past.  It stopped and began to turn its cannon on the fire engines.  Titan flew up to the tank and grabbed its front, then easily flipped it backwards and upside down.  Two men on motorcycles began to speed towards him firing automatic rifles.  Titan rushed towards them as the bullets ricocheted off of him.  As he flew between them, he smoothly clotheslined both off of their bikes.  Something explosive hit him in the back shortly after sending him summersaulting forward through the air.  He turned quickly his eyes glowing wildly to see a large man, dress in biker gear, wearing the cuts of a Burning Jester.  In his hands was a large rocket launcher, which he was reloading.  Titan turned quickly to get to him before he could fire this new shot.  Half way to his target and black blob with red speckles dropped from the building behind the Jester, knocked him out, then, with a click and then a whirring sound the blob disappeared up the building and flew towards the military base's main building.  Titan soon caught up with what he had seen as a blob, but turned out to be a man; The Guardian Angel, who had been active in Iron Rails for the past 4 years.  Titan stopped in midair in front of him to talk, but the Angel just swooped around him and continued on his way.   He yelled back that Titan should follow him, but that he couldn’t actually fly, he could only glide using the special metal wings on his back.  As they flew, Titan could see the destruction below him.  He saw the bodies lying in the streets, the police officers who were injured but still trying to help the civilians.  He almost dropped down to help but the Angel told him that if they could get Mister Skullhead, then this would be over; but without him in custody, every other loss of life here would be pointless.  This was the first time Titan had ever had anyone give him advise; especially such straightforward and honest advice.  So he did the only logical thing he could think of; he grabbed the Angel around his midsection and took off as fast as he could fly with the both of them.

When he arrived at the military base the Angel flipped out of his arms gliding smoothly to the ground. Titan followed and saw his second 'super villian.' Mister Skullhead stood nearly seven feet tall, he was unrealisticly thin and wore a long patchwork trench coat made of yellow and red fabric with tie and chaps to match, worn over, a strange type of thin exosuit. He had micro flamethrowers attached to his hands and was firing a massive rifle/grenade launcher combo. He turned to face them and his eyes flashed orange inside his spiked skull mask. He spun quickly and liquid fire flew from his left hand while white hot bullets flew from his rifle. Titan bolted forward to take the force of the attack and the bullets bounced off of him; the flame, however, covered him and he felt the heat. Fire roared across his eyes and he heard a rapid fire of bullet from his rear, Angel had started his assault. Titan took to the air and spun around quickly to extinguish the flames. The Angel lept forward and emitted a burst of sound from a device in his left guantlet which knocked Mister Skullhead backwards. He recovered easily by springing on his left hand while firing with his right. His shots were dead on and hit Titan dead in his face as he flew in to attack. The impact on his face surprised Titan but they too bounced off doing no damage. The Angel and Mister Skullhead were now fighting hand to hand, but honestly more like gun to gun. Mister Skullhead was laughing the entire time. Titan launched a blast which exploded behind Mister Skullhead knocking him forward; into an on coming Titan and his fist. Sparks flew from the side of Mister Skullhead's face as his mask caved under the eminence force and he spiraled to his left. He still managed to fire three accurate shots in the Angel's direction. The shots hit the Angel cleanly in his shoulder; one lodged itself in his armor while the other to made it through into his flesh. He roared as the heat burned his skin. Mister Skullhead laughed as a helicopter approached. He gloated saying that he had been a distraction; a piece of bait he knew the Angel could not pass up. He fired a grapnel line from his left gauntlet and began to fly upwards towards the helicopter. Titan launched into the air to follow, but Mister Skullhead fired several fire grenade rounds at him, knocking him to the ground. The helicopter speed off and was gone.

Angel refused to be taken to a hospital, but instead directed Titan to a building close to the center of Iron Rails. This tall building was the first highrise residential building built in the city and had remained as such; and remains the third tallest building in the city. The landed on the roof and the Angel unlocked a hidden door, leading to a large living area on the top floor. The entire top floor had been converted into one completely open suite. There was machinery and weaponry everywhere Titan looked. The Angel hurried quickly to remove his armor (though he kept his mask on) and with a set of surgical tools and a mirror, he began to fish the bullets out of his shoulder. After a few painful minutes he was stitching up the wound and commenting on how thankful he was there hadn't been more burning. Titan reverted back to his normal self, extended his hand and said “My name is Adrian Michaels. What's yours?” When it was clear that the Angel did not intend to reciprocate he added, “I did just save your life.”

The Angel huffed and pulled the mask off of his head and said, “My name is Jonus Ether. Nice to meet you, Adrian.”

Making EnemiesEdit


Aldren Omnius

Titan would return to Bay City a few days after the incident in Iron Rails. Not wishing to run into the new heavy military presence Jonus returned with him and began to help Adrian work in his cave. He bought and helped install large generators, a computer system, internet connectors, support columns, stairs, and platforms. A month later he would return to Iron Rails and begin letting everyone know he hadn't left. Titan would return to work, but now, he felt more confident. He was even on good terms with the government. Even though they blamed the Angel for a lot of the destruction, he was hailed as a savior of sorts. But it wasn't long before problems arose again. Automaton attacked the OmniTowers, the cooperate headquarters of the three branches of OmniInc and home to Aldren Omnius. His exosuit had been improved and had a type of shielding to counter act Titan's energy projection. The battle was fierce, but Titan felt he had grown. For the first time in his life he had seen war, been in the middle of it; he had felt the heat. He was calmer now. He made better choices during this fight when compared to the previous encounter. Automaton didn't stand a chance. After he flew off Titan saw a man standing on a smoking balcony. He flew over and met Aldren Omnius. Omnius thanked him for stopping the attack and revealed he had been building an exosuit for the military and said Automaton was trying to steal it. Titan asked if he could be of any assistance with the clean up but he was dismissed by Omnius saying that his own agents would be more than capable.

Over the next few weeks things were relatively slow. Petty criminals had back off completely and there were no metas or other powered individuals calling him out. So Adrian began to take more time to roam the city. He reconnected with friends and lived a normal life, sometimes for an entire day at a time. He was living a new life. Jonus had been kind enough to offer him 'a paycheck' for his services as Titan. Adrian had objected but Jonus said that he had already set up a savings account that would roll a small amount of interest each month into a checking account in Adrian's name. He ate at restaurants he had only looked in the windows of. He had clean clothes for the first time in over ten years. Adrian, however, was having trouble sleeping. He was plagued by nightmares of a man with skin like the sky and wearing Titan's cloak only. He described him to Jonus as having eyes like black holes. Night after night and nap after nap, the phantom tormented him. He began to notice that each time he transformed into Titan he was refreshed and fully rested; so over the next several weeks he began to spend less and less time as Adrian. Luckily, it seemed that as Titan, he didn't require sleep.

He found his next opponent in his third straight month as Titan.  [RETCON COMING SOON] A thunderstorm began to spring up beyond the horizon. [ RCS ] A purple streak surrounded by lightning swept across the buildings and collided with [ RCS ]. The streak swept back across its own path and collided with him again, and again, and again. [ RSC ] The streak stopped next to him with a gigantic spark, it was another meta-human. As Titan began to introduce himself the man told him threat first, talk later, and ran forward faster then Titan could perceive. [ RSC ] He introduced himself as Lighting Rod, an agent of ORACLE, and that he was placing [ RSC ] under arrest as a dangerous unregistered meta.

The Mr. Midnight IncidentEdit


Mr. Midnight

After the incident with [ RSC ] things slowed down considerably for Titan. Until two months later when he was approached, again by Lightning Rod. He asked Titan to meet him at ORACLE, saying that they needed to talk and he needed to register with the Meta Registration Office. Titan said that he would happily meet, as long as he could bring someone he trusted as well. However, he wasn't going to register with anyone , as he wasn't a meta-human; he then dared Lightning Rod to disagree. Lightning Rod grumbled and said he would love to test than dare, he then winced. He tapped his ear and spoke to someone he called “Seer” on the other end, and promised he would be civil. He said that they would agree to his person, as long as it wasn't the Guardian Angel. Their partnership in the Iron Rails had been widely publicized. Titan agreed and flew off, he lied.

On a call to Jonus he learned a lot about ORACLE. They were a non-profit meta run r&d lab, and a government ambassador to the Meta Registration Office. The organization was run and founded by registered techno-path and meta-genius, Sarah Jane Delphi. She had two people under her employ listed as security: Brian Fields and Aerie VonNess, both registered meta-humans, but their powers were classified by the US Government Homeland Security Department. Something which Jonus didn't like; Titan joked that they already knew one of their powers was “super storm speed death”. Again, something Jonus didn't like

Of course the people at ORACLE didn't like it either when the man Titan showed up to their HQ with was a dead man, several times. Delphi wondered why a man; a fake man, who was dead, would be in her very very top secret base. Jonus was stunned, somehow this woman connected all of the very disconnected pieces of his life. She had very high level government access or had hacked the US military mainframe. Delphi said it would be fine as she had wanted him here in the first place. Titan felt a sharp pain in his head when Aerie walked into the room. Delphi relieved that her security agent was telepathic and that he had already met Mr. Fields.

It was obvious from the start that Mr. Fields, aka, Lightning Rod, wasn't fond of Titan. He found him untrained and unorthodox. Thought he possessed too much power for any one person. Jonus responded with something about a man that runs so fast he causes thunderstorms being no different. After an intense first meeting an agreement was struck. Titan would begin work with ORACLE and Jonus Ether would begin work as an off site consultant in the engineering department. It would never be documented that Titan was Adrian or that Jonus was the Angel. Only Delphi, fields, and VonNess would know.

The next several months moved swiftly and Titan learned quickly how to better manipulate his energy field as well as the projections he was emitting. As he and Aerie (code named Pixie, for some reason that Rodd found funny) began to become closer. This put a large strain on Titan, as he began to spend more time as Adrian. As Titan, he was fine, as always, but each time he would transform back into Adrian he looked worse and worse, weaker and weaker. Rather than sleep, he would simply transform again and spend several more days straight as Titan. Only transforming back to spent time with Aerie. One day she asked him what was wrong, and he explained about the bad dreams. This Mr. Midnight seemed to manifest everything he was frightened of, and appeared to want to take over his body. Aerie asureed him it was just a dream and said she could help. In her room in the far east wing of HQ, Adrian laid down on Aerie's bed, as she telepathically commanded him to sleep; without dreaming.

The East wing of ORACLE HQ exploded. A strange entity rose into the sky of Hadderstown, the nearly perfectly US centered town HQ was located in. The being looked like Adrian, only with silver hair, the night sky for skin, and Titan's cloak. The normal golden spill of light for Titan's eyes had been replaced by the deepest of black. His very body sputtered and flickered as parts separated from the whole, orbited around, only to eventually be sucked back in. He pointed both arms out at a 45 degree angel and black bolts shots straight out of them, completely annihilating the local high school and middle school, 10 miles away in either dirrection, in violent flashes. The being's body lurched forward into the fetal position and four enormous spouts of energy erupted from the ground around HQ. Lightning Rodd was the closest and responded first.

Rodd battled for several minutes trying to bring the being down, but nothing seemed to phase him. To make matters worse he appeared to be in pain. Yet each time he moved something else exploded. After ten minutes Aerie emerged from the rubble of the east wing and levitated herself to Rodd. Her body became surrounded by a purple shimmer as she moved. Informing everyone that this creature was Titan she quickly explained what had happened. Jonus being well aware or Adrian's nightmare's had a plan in motion. He and Delphi had been working on them. He armored up in an experimental powered battle suit, grabbed Bob and Bit (his attack rider and drone), and linked them to a new sled device. They launched through The Armory's roof and blasted through the sky like a meteor. He would reach Hadderstown in 30 minutes at full speed.  Rodd wasn't sure that would be fast enough.

The next half an hour were grueling for Rodd and Pixie as the creature began to move closer and closer to the center of town. All the while causing and leaving massive amounts of damage in wide swaths. Rodd was also taking severe damage, which is almost impossible when he is moving at speed. The faster he moves the more electricity he generates by stripping electrons in the air, like one big giant wool sock, then his body sucks it in like a sponge and increases his density and durability. Rodd decided for one major effort to put it down. He he bolted as fast as he could and jumped. He grabbed the creature tightly, lifted his head to the sky and opened his mouth. A thick white bolt of lightning shot out of his mouth and down from the sky, when the two bolts joined they both collided with Rodd. His body, not being able to soak up that much electricity vented it, in on large electric explosion.

Aerie sensed it, Adrian's mind had opened back up. The dust settled and Rodd lay next to Adrian, but both he and his mind were saying the same thing. A language Aerie did not speak, neither normally or telepathically. Something she had always found to be impossible. The he went silent. His eyes flashed back to black and their was another large explosion. The being was moving again, until it was hit by several big explosives, The Angel had arrived.

His sled blew apart and became Bob, his attack sled, Bit, his attack drone, and three new humanoid robots Rodd and Pixie had never seen before. Angel introduced them as Tom, Dick, and Harry, his 'Titan Busters.' Rodd mentioned that the large electrical blast has some kind of reset effect. The Angel flew away on his new rocket pack/boots plus wings system. Bob and Bit were peppering Mr. Midnight with everything they had while Angel took up positions around him with Tom, Dick, and Harry. They opened fire, all four of them, with large energy cannons. Eight massive constant microwave beams. Angel knew they wouldn't have enough energy to do this again, so he told Aerie to wake him up the next time his mind opened. She explained that she tried, every conscious though and impulse seemed to be blocked. That was when his mind opened again. She could see that the Titan Busters were loosing power, and Angels rockets were beginning to falter. Quickly she screamed out with her mind, “Adrian! Dream!” The Titan Busters fell to the ground powerless, Angel dropped to the ground and grabbed two special knuckle attachments for his gauntlets, and readied himself. Mr. Midnight sputtered and fell to the ground. He seized several more violent times before becoming Adrian again.

Adrian continued to seize, but Aerie could sense his mind, their were two, two completely separate beings in his mind! One was Adrian and Titan, the other was something completely alien. This being was vast, Aerie couldn't understand its thoughts or even comprehend what it was. But it also understood Titan's powers; maybe better than any of them did. They were both fighting for control, Adrian and this other. An ORACLE team had already arrived and sealed off the area, Aerie knew nobody was going to be able to see them in case it worked and he stabilized before she got back. She knelt down beside him, placed her head on his, and said, “Don't worry, backup's on the way!”

Several minutes later, Adrian stopped convulsing, and stopped becoming Mr. Midnight. Aerie stood up and said, exhaustedly, “He's sleeping.” Angel collapsed beside her, having not moved from his readied position the entire time. He tapped his helmet, “Seer, we need immediate extraction!”

Almost before he was finished, agents rushed in and threw a blanket over Adrian. They would advertise to the press that a powerful meta had lost control and died as a result of its power. It would never be made public that this was in fact the same thing the people loved as Titan. Adrian and Aerie would never talk about what happened in his mind, but Mr. Midnight never troubled anyone, physically or mentally, again. Soon after this incident Titan would replicate Mr. Midnight's energy spout, but with help from ORACLE, is able to better control it and rend it painful only to those he wants it to be.

It's Magic, Ya Know ... ?Edit

Titan was put on suspension by ORACLE following the indecent. Adrian remained at HQ for the next two months undergoing rigorous physical and psychological evaluations. During this time Adrian would further complicate his life by beginning a full-bore relationship with Aerie. Oddly, everyone but Delphi, even Rodd, felt positively about the relationship. Adrian began to train with Aerie to see if he could create any physic defenses as himself or Titan. Sadly, this never worked out very well; leaving Titan with a huge disadvantage against any telepathy. He would also spend many hours as Titan in a specially constructed room. Used for training purposes for Lighting Rodd, the entire room is lined with super conductors and energy absorption panels. In this room, Titan would hone his energy projection to a fine art. He would soon become capable of “locking on” to multiple targets and firing targeted and homing projectiles. Once the threat of another transformation into Mr. Midnight was out of the question, Delphi allowed Adrian to return to Bay City. However, he had to allow someone to come see him once a month and do a mental check. Since Adrian wasn't likely to let just anyone into his mind, this arrangement worked out well for the new couple. Allowing Aerie to spend several days straight each month with Adrian. During these visit he would begin to help her train and strengthen her budding telekinesis. It was during her seventh visit that things began to pick up. Shortly before she arrived in town several hospitals and clinics were beginning to fill up with people complaining of intense migraines. By the time she arrived the next afternoon most of the hospitals were full. The headaches were debilitating to the people suffering. They were left too weak to move or eat, yet they were constantly exhausted as the pain wouldn't allow them to sleep. Aerie could feel it when she arrived, there was an immense psychic presence in Bay City; and not just one. She was sensing three very powerful minds in Bay City; all of them ominous and malevolent. She informed him of what she sensed when she met Adrian at his cave. He told her he had something even stranger and more urgent. One of the ravens who regularly roost in his cave arrived an hour before carrying a note. A note, address to 'The Mighty Titan, The Cave on the Bay, Bay City, USA” but who's opening was, “Adrian, we hope this finds you well.” It went on to say that if he would agree to meet them, they could explain and help with the current problem in Bay City. They couldn't do it alone. They needed both Titan and Adrian to help. The meeting place was The Bookstore Bar, a bar built in an old occult bookstore, and the time was 'after receiving this note. We'll meet you there.” Aerie refused to let him go anywhere without her, seeing as there were possible psychics in the city.

Arriving at the bar, they found a sign outside that said, “Closed for private engagement.” They both stared at the sign confused for a second before more words suddenly appeared on the sign, “Yes, that means come in you two.” Aerie told Adrian that the sign was real, not a mental projection, and that the words really did change. Still confused they entered.


Buster St.Cloud and his Sword of Atma

Inside they saw an old man cleaning glassware behind the bar and two men seated at it. One was average height, thin, but muscular. He had bright yellow hair spiked up in a mohawk, jeans, a black tee shirt, a medium length trench coat, and metal-toed cuffed boots. The other was a build African-American man, his short sleeves revealed intricate tattoos on his arms; which ran up his neck and onto his head. He turned to face the and his eyes were pitch black. As the two began to ready themselves for a fight, the man smiled, a truly friendly smile. He introduced himself as Marcus LaRouge and his companion as Buster St.Cloud. Buster, as his grandfather before him and back thousands of years, was a powerful sorcerer and mystical protector of the earthy dimensions; and that he, was the son of Great Death. Aerie and Adrian found all of the magic talk a little hard to swallow until Buster snapped his fingers and the entire bar went up in flames. With another snap the room grew so cold that the little moisture in the air began to condense and freeze. With another snap, everything was back to normal. Aerie again confirmed none of what had just happened had been a psychic illusion. Then he began to talk. He wasn't as friendly as Marcus, he was short, to the point, and quiet. He explained that there was a very powerful demon bride in Bay City. They considered this woman to be one of the five biggest mystical threats to the earth dimensions. She stole an ancient, and possessed, Japanese twin, chain-linked, kusarigama. She had no magical training but came from a strong magical family and was able to resist the demon take on her. Rather than become a mindless vessel for him, she was able to keep her self intact while still being able to tap the demon's strength and powers when needed. As compensation to the demon, she kills a lot of people with the weapons to feed him. Buster believed that it simply by being in Bay City she was causing this. He said it was her MO. What confused them both was that in Bay City there weren't any mystical artifacts for her to steal and that attacking a city with as powerful a magical guardian as Titan was foolish. This statement surprised Aerie but, Adrian had always considered the possibility of his powers being magical in origin.

Brother Reapersblood - The Son of Death

With that Adrian's mouth erupted with a Lightning Rodd fast story of him getting his powers and a detailed description of the stone, followed by a Gatling fire of questions about where is came from and what it was. With that Buster became angry, he had assumed that Titan was something akin to himself, a power and responsibility one trained for all one's life and then inherited through family. They had thought Titan may have known some way to counter act the demon's power. With Titan now 'useless' to Buster they set about using Adrian's knowledge of the city to search places where she could be staying. After four days of searching they found her. She was young, barely 18, if that. The weapon she head looked to be made of red light, much like Buster's Atma Sword was made of white light. She waisted no time in attacking the group. She was capable of manipulating the shape of her weapon and it seemed to have no restriction of its range. Aerie attempted to attack her mentally but (before Marcus could yell not too) she fainted shortly after screaming.


Yoko Sado - The Demon's Bride

Titan was now furious. He flew at this Demon Bride in a rage. She proved faster as she flipped over his back and gashed him deep. His cloak was torn and energy spilled out of the wound, and it wasn't closing like all the others. Titan felt the pain, felt himself grow weakened; but continued his assault. She threw he weapon in the form of a spiked ball on a chain, and it was deflected by Buster’s Sword. He and said to let the two of them try. Marcus' face changed to that of a skull and he and Buster attacked in perfect unisson. Titan began to assist as he could from a distance and soon they had her worn down, and nearly on the run. Titan turned his attention to Aerie, and everything went wrong. The Bride dodged a final attack and threw one of her scythes at Titan's turned back. He didn't see the attack and the others couldn't help this time. The scythe became a spear head and pierced through Titan's back, coming clean through the other side. She pulled her self towards and past his to escape before yanking the chain hard to retrieve its other half. The spear head became the small scythe again and ripped back out of Titan. Energy spilled relentlessly out of the many large wounds which refused to close. Titan roared in pain and writhed in agony before exploding in a white flash. On the ground lay a comatose Aerie next to a bloody and nearly dead Adrian. Buster ran over and began to cast healing spells on both. Aerie he could help easily, Adrian, he didn't understand. This form had taken no damage, in it he should be fine; a fact they both knew well. Yet, here he lay Titan's wounds bleeding out of Adrian's body; and the magic was only slowing the bleeding. Aerie woke shortly and summoned Rodd and an emergency evac chopper. Adrian was rushed back to ORACLE HQ.

The Dark God Descends (The Death of a Hero)Edit

Adrian went through three surgeries. Fifteen had been scheduled but he was healing faster than expected or there was less damage than thought. It was believed that transforming back may have healed many of the major internal injuries but been unable to repair the rest. He would lay asleep for weeks. Aerie insisted he be moved back to his cave once moving him was possible. She would stay with him and keep the streets of Bay City safe. Being telepathic, trouble was rare. She could tell most people to surrender and they would obey. The real news was the object that had recently entered the Solar system from space. It could be seen clearly a week later. It was a flat platform with six large columns lining a path to a raised dais. On this was a large throne, it had an orb of some sort on one arm, a diamond shaped object held in its back, and a large obelisk behind it. Upon this throne sat some sort of creature. It appeared to be dead, or sleeping. As it continued on its course the governments of the world convened to discuss the situation. The thing had been seen by numerous civilian sources and covering it up would be impossible. As quick mission was launched to attempt to salvage the creature and the platform, if it crashed everything would disintegrate on impact. The plan was to have two shuttles slow the platform down so that it could be moved to the international space station; which had recently seen major upgrades thanks to ORACLE and OmniInc. As the shuttles approached the creature moved. The shuttles' cameras caught everything. The creature stood slowly and looked at both shuttles before his eyes began to glow red. Soon white hot beams shot out of them obliterating one of the shuttles before he turned and did the same to the other. He returned to his seat and the platform continued to move.


Deusin, the Darksire

Soon enough the platform did slow down. It entered Earth's atmosphere and there was no evidence of reentry effects. There was a great deal of evidence that it was heading for the UN building so the armies of various countries were on hand, as well as Lighting Rodd, Aerie, and the Guardian Angel, with all of his robots. They were quickly joined by Grandeur, Automaton, and the alien EL who had been plaguing Rodd for months. EL explained that this creature was the reason he was on Earth. Know throughout several galaxies and in ancient myth and modern news as the Dark God. He would arrive on planets looking for an artifact of great power, he would unleash an army of robotic drones with the promise to leave if the thing he seeks is turned over. When it is found, he leaves, but his army remains and destroys everything they can find until there is nothing left. This Deusin had all but destroyed EL's people one hundred years ago. EL stated to Rodd, that his own strength paled in comparison to Deusin's own. EL finished by saying if ORACLE hadn't dissected his ship when they found it empty the at least he could have left again.

Like EL had said, the platform took position over the UN and Deusin's voice could be heard across every TV, radio, phone, computer, gaming device, and anything else with a sound device. “There is an object here of great power, bring it to me and I shall leave.” He placed his hand on the silver sphere on his throne and the sphere and columns began to glow and emit strange symbols. A hole opened up above the columns and stars (not our stars though) could be seen through it. In seconds the army poured through the battle had begun. The heroes fought valiantly to attack Deusin directly but he was protected by an invisible field. Mean while Buster and Marcus showed up at ORACLE. Knowing what they did now about Deusin they had given up trying to find what he was looking for. They needed to relay something to Seer, Deusin was not only using amazingly advanced technology, he was using very powerful magic as well. Magic, they said looked a lot like Titan, to them. Sadly, Adrian was still in a coma.

Aerie had been trying to attack Deusin's mind but she couldn't even make contact, something was keeping her out. Buster and Marcus showed up and joined the fray. Just as Buster thought, his magic had a major affect on Deusin's shield. Grandeur called someone telling them to get there immediately, offering 'any pay.' Soon enough Yoko Sado, the Demon's Bride stepped from a pool red as blood. Marcus' large scythe penetrated the field only to have Deusin fling him off with a simple movement of his hand. Nothing anyone tried could get through Deusin's defenses. The robot army continues to pour through the opening. The Earth protectors were beginning to weaken when Adrian yawned deeply and stretched. Aerie screamed that he was awake and every TV and radio in his cave blasted with Seer's voice.

In a bright flash Titan appeared in the sky above the UN. His spun quickly several times in the air firing multiple projectiles in all directions and half of the robots exploded. Buster shouted that the shield was primarily magic and Titan could destroy it, probably. Titan unleashed a huge concentrated beam, Rodd began to run at full speed around the platform creating a lightning storm, and Buster summoned the full power of his Atma Force which materialized as a bird like dragon and unleashed a beam from its mouth. Marcus and Yoko began to chant a weakening spell and the field flickered and shattered under the assault. The protectors dog piled onto the platform and Deusin stood for the first time since the shuttles. His beams cleared a straight path, knocking Buster, Marcus, and Aerie backwards, injuring all. Yoko, EL, and Rodd were fast enough to dodge, but for all their speed and power Deusin froze Rodd in place mid attack, punched EL backwards with such force he could not stand, and grabbed Yoko by the head in one hand, crushing her against the floor. Titan flew in and protected the unconscious Yoko from a killing stomp on her head. Deusin was visibly surprised by Titan ability to withstand his attack. Titan moved Yoko away and began his own assault. The two quasi-gods battled ferociously, pounding and blasting each other with deadly force. Neither seemed to be able to get the upper hand, until Titan threw Deusin to the ground and kicked him from his platform. The glow Deusin's body had began to diminish and he appeared shaken and weakened by the battle with Titan. Titan, however, was neither and began to attack again in earnest. Deusin erupted in rage and Titan flew backward. Deusin panted and stared at Titan. Titan folded his arms and offered Deusin a chance to leave in peace and take his army with him. Deusin's only response was, “Ah, now I see.” Titan wasn't giving him anymore time than that and flew in to finish the fight. Deusin grabbed him by the neck, stopping him quick, and with his other hand grabbed the stone in Titan's chest. That hand began to glow with red shapes and symbols as Titan began to scream. He could feel the monster's fingers gripping the stone, deeper and deeper inside his chest. The stone began to glow and as it got brighter so did the symbols around Deusin's hand. He pulled his hand back in a flash of red and the stone came with it. The stone dripped liquid energy as the hole in Titan's chest erupted. The stones in his gauntlets and greaves suddenly shattered. Titan's eyes began to glow brighter as he screamed. In the blink of an eye his entire body began to spew light, in the next, he exploded. The shock wave knocked everyone, even Deusin, back. The gauntlets and greaves were all that remained. They began to glow and reformed around the main stone, just as Adrian had found it those two three years ago.

Deusin began to move slowly towards his platform when Grandeur pinned him to the ground and said, “Ghost, now!” A figure suddenly became visible near Deusin and grabbed the stone quickly. He launched a grapnel line and was invisible again before anyone knew what had happened. Rodd ran forward fast than he ever had and began to attack Deusin in raged. Aerie screamed loudly at the sight of Titan's demise, in her grief and anger visible psychic energy, much like her aura, began to pour violently out of her left eye. After several seconds Deusin grabbed Rodd with both hand and lifted him into the air. As his eyes began to glow bright, Rodd, his fast hands still free, spun Deusin's helmet around backwards. He fired his beams inside his own helmet and howled in pain as he ripped it off. Aerie could sense his mind, it was eminence but, weak. She took control and Deusin tried to fight. His helmet in his hand Aerie commanded him to stop and he did. She commanded him to leave and take his army with him. She commanded him never to return. She allowed him to return to his platform. His glow began to increase but his mind showed no sign of strengthening. Before he left, she commanded him to kneel in defeat, he did as he ground his teeth. When she said, “Now leave,” he placed his hand on the silver sphere and he, his platform and the remained of his army vanished. Grandeur motioned to Yoko and the villains vanished in puffs of blood red smoke. The heroes stood, dumb founded and numb, not hearing the cheers of the combined military force around them, nor the cheers that followed them for the next week. Titan, no, Adrian was gone. A true hero and friend had given his life. When Bay City attempted to commission a statue of him, Aerie and Jonus destroyed it until the city got the message. Titan wasn't about statues, or parades, or keys to the city; he was about people, helping them and saving them. His memory and story were worth more than some giant toy for birds to poop on. He wasn't a god, he was a hero.

The Origin of The Key StoneEdit


Vas:Rex - The Creator of the Key Stone

The heroes regrouped. Aerie now lived in Titan's cave and was Bay City's full time protector as The Pixie. Using her telepathy and telekinesis she would duplicate some of Titan's abilities. She would use her telekinesis to mimic his invulnerability and strength. She would adopt a great number of other techniques to make herself a hero on the scale of Titan. Some thought she had become more powerful, maybe. The stone still lay in the possession of Aldren Omnius. The heroes had tried to reclaim it, but legally it did belong to him. He was still unable to unlock its power.

Adrian awoke on a strange grassy field. The sky and stars were odd. That was when he realized the night sky was made of stone, and the stars were magic symbols etched into it. He though he had to be in Heaven, unless, somehow, he had wound up in the other place. That was when he was welcomed to Prime, the first planet. The creature took shape in front of his eyes. It looked human, but had thick leathery skin. It wore a garb similar to Titan's and had magic symbols floating around its hands, feet, and shoulders. Around his waist he wore a silver belt with familiar scroll work and blue stones. The creature introduced himself as Vas:Rex, the last High Artificer of Prime. He explained about the Artificers' history and the sad destruction of the Urlraciens race by their arrogance and hubris. In the end the Artificers scattered to the stars to hide and die with their great creations. He had remained on Prime to guard the most dangerous. On his last day, he set Prime to eternal protection and sleep. None would ever get to those horrid things again. Vas died, and was absorbed into his masterwork, the Key Stone Belt. A magic energy source and library, capable of performing any act as long as one has the will to ask for it. It is powered by a special stone, “the Key Stone.” Held within is a multiverse, scientifically theoretical, possible on paper, rendered into actuality by magic. Infinite energy with infinite possibility. When they belt no longer had a wearer, it changed itself into the stone found on Earth, in a South American tomb, bought by Aldren Omnius, stolen by mysterious thieves, and found by Adrian in a dumpster. How it wound up on Earth was a mystery to Vas. He was now merely a passenger. A line of code within a fake universe of his own making. Truly a god here, though, still unable to make, real, true life. For what felt like weeks Adrian and Vas talked about everything. Even how Adrian became Titan.

Fundamentally the Key Stone grants wishes. On that day Adrian had wished not to die. Subconsciously he wished for that hero he drew when he was eight to save him. The stone had tried to transform itself to facilitate this wish; it couldn't in its held shape. Had Adrian been holding the stone at arms length or slightly less, Titan would have sprung into exsistance, slightly less powerful than he ultimately was. Real, none the less. Titan would have then saved Adrian and flown off to be the hero Adrian had willed him to. However, Adrian was gripping it to his chest, so when it began to change it began to rip Adrian apart to, to prevent this, it merged with Adrian and made him the hero instead. Titan's massive power and regeneration comes from the nearly infinite energy stores within the Key Stone and the wish Adrian made for the hero of his mind. Magic could hurt him because he was made and powered by magic, large energy damage triggered a reset because his power is controlled by a hyper advanced magic computer, but a still a computer. To much energy intake triggers a shutdown and restart.

Vas then apologized, when Adrian and the Key Stone merged, he sensed it, across his universes. He had never known the human race, so when he tried to make contact, he contacted the dreaming subconscious, not understanding how the dreaming mind worked. Slowly his essence and knowledge bled together with the fear and dread Adrian associated with him, and when Adrian failed to dream to fight off this new persona it tried to take over. The pain had come from a creature of pure subconscious trying to possess a physical body when it has never know how. Its like ripping the shell off of a turtle. Nearly 100% access to the power and potential of the Key Stone and using it in reaction to being skinned alive. Thanks to Aerie's assistance in his mind to end the fight, Vas was able to understand the human mind on a much better level. Realizing what he had done, he pulled his consciousness back. Causing Mr. Midnight to fade away. He would never try contact again.

Twenty thousand years ago Deusin crash landed on Prime. Badly injured he would find the Great Artifacts, he would learn the Great Secret from the stones in the sky, he would take the White Needle and Red Disk and build his platform with Artificer tech. From there he would find the Black Pyramid, Yellow Diamond, Silver Sphere, and the columns, known as the White Gates. He would concur and enslave the machine race that would become his army. He combined these with high technology and magic stolen from the civilizations he massacred in his search for the others. He too had detected the activation of something with the Artificers' signature and come to Earth to retrieve it. He was able to overcome Titan's control of the stone because he knew what he was doing and knew how to turn it off. Completely off. The removal of the Key Stone prevented the power restrictor stones from keeping their cohesion. Without those, Adrian's body could not contain the energies left in his body.

Vas now asked to make amends. He told Adrian that they had one shot. He could be brought back to life. He had been watching and was amazed that Adrian chose to be the hero and man he had. He could have done anything, been anything. Yet he chose to be a homeless hero living in a cave. He took no money and no awards, he was happy with his choice. Vas thought that this type of person deserved a second chance if possible. He could combine his full knowledge of the Key Stone to Adrian, giving Titan the true powers of a god. Adrian said no. He liked the idea of full access, but he didn't want to possibility of unmaking the universe or worse if he lost control. The decided that the powers Titan had would become the function of the Key Stone. It would become the Titan Stone. When Adrian died the next time he would be reabsorbed into the Stone again. Someone interrupted them; which surprised Vas.

A handsome man with black skin stood before them. Adrian recognize him as Marcus. The man said that he was only half correct; most called him Great Death but that in this form, most called him Somdi. For a while he berated Vas for his people's attempts to change the fundamentals of the universe. He said that even worse, they left behind indestructible things so that their black hand could continue to taint even after they died. He went on to say that his son had begged his father to return Adrian to life; and he tried but he could not find Adrian's soul. He relived the moment of Adrian's death and knew what he was dealing with. He agreed with Vas about returning both Adrian and Titan to life. He also said that he would add the needed code to allow Vas' soul to travel on and Adrian's at the end. After, the Titan power could only be willed to another by Adrian upon his eventual death. Creating something purely good out of something Death called a purely evil abomination. With that agreed Death and Vas would set to working symbols and shapes into existence and they vanished into the air. An eternity seemed to pass before Vas told him it was time. He closed his eyes and felt Great Death pull him out of the Key Stone.

The Key Stone began to glow in Omnius' hand. It jumped into the air and the outline of a man appeared around it. The shaped filled out with brilliant golden light. The light fade and their floated a man with skin like the night skin, snow white hair, and eyes that poured golden light with the keystone in his chest. The stones appeared on his arms and legs and his Titan clothes began to reform from light. The central codex unit appeared at his waist and his sash and cloak rematerialized.

It took him a second to register his surroundings. He didn't even take notice of his surroundings before he teleported to ORACLE HQ.

Jonus and Aerie arrived half an hour later. They saw Mr. Midnight wearing Titan's outfit. Unlike Mr. Midnight, this had Titan's golden eyes, and a golden shimmer around his exposed starry skin. Aerie asked if it was Adrian with tears dripping down her face.

He responded, “I am the Key Stone given purpose, I am Titan made whole.” The starry skin and golden shimmer faded and there was their Titan and he continued, “I am the great last legacy of a great and terrible people.” Then there was a bright flash of white light and Adrian stood, naked, in front of them. He continued, “and I am Adrian Michaels, and I really need a nap.” Then he fainted into Aerie's arms.

Things would soon return to normal. Of course for these heroes nothing is ever normal.

Bay City HistoryEdit

Bay City began as a small fishing town that quickly grew during the industrial revolution to becoming a major shipping port. It would continue and spread back from the coast the the cliffs 30 miles away. It would become a center of shipping and industry. Soon enough its warm summers and miles of beach began to attract vacationers and transplants alike. This helped to create large amounts of construction, keeping the cities skyline an ever evolving picture for over 100 years. In the 1940s a movie studio opened on the northern outskirts of the city. It is still in operation today. Over the years many races and large fishing contests have been hosted in Bay City; it was even a bid for the Winter Olympics of 2014.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

From the files of Sarah Delphi:

Subject: Titan


Adrian claims his power came from a gem and setting he found in a dumpster one morning. He claims this object somehow began to glow with a bright energy and entered his body. At that moment the stones appeared on his arms and legs. From there he says the armor grew out of those stones as a similar form of light before solidifying into the armor he wears. After that the hooded cloak formed around his head, shoulders, and down his back. Then the light vanished and he (Adrian) was Titan. He states that at first he was only capable of flight and feats of strength. When we first met he had already discovered his ability to discharge concentrated bursts of yellow light/energy. (NOTE INSERT:Honestly what Titan projects is still a mystery. It seems to be some form of radiation, however, it is safe, in unless you are hit with its full force, there is no fallout and no secondary radiation poisoning from prolonged exposure. My team does a safety sweep after every test. After two years of working closely with him, I have never sown the first possible sign.) (ADITIONAL NOTE:The same light/energy seems to “spill” for lack of a better word out of his eyes at all times, with no drain on his reserves. This “spill” increases with emotional responses.) (2nd ADITIONAL NOTE: Titan claims this energy is 'the raw stuff given off by black holes and super novi.') To date, Titan is able to manipulate that energy to varying degrees. He can fire explosive orbs and sustain an intense beam for several minutes. From something as small as an energetic punch or a beam from one hand to multiple targeted projectiles. A side from directed projection he is also to expel large amounts of energy explosively from his body. This is a large overview of what I have seen Titan do over these two years. As his control improves, so too does his power increase. It is an interesting development. You'd think that a guy packing as much power as the Nevada Nuclear Station couldn't get much more powerful.


Titan Lifting a double deck bus.

Titan's strength seems almost as boundless as his energy supply, which makes me wonder if they aren't somehow related. (PERSONAL NOTE: I love being right.) Our last test he was able to do a variety of lifts with a tank, quiet effortlessly. To date that brings the list to: car, van, truck, small plane, bus, armored truck, semi-truck, and, now, tank. I would like the capability to test his raw power, but we gave up on getting a maximum output a long time ago. Yes, it is possible to get readings from destroyed machinery as long as the data is readable. Sadly, every time it has been, there hasn't been a scale to compute to force. In his early days he had some problems holding back, luckily he never killed anyone, he did send many to intensive care. He has gotten much better, epically now that he is practicing and training.

Titan seems to be able to take a good deal of physical force and damage as well. We have dropped small bombs on him, even hit him with an I beam on a rocket sled. The beam scattered like a wooden 2x4 … which we tested early on, which also splintered. Titan is not, however, completely invincible or invulnerable. When injured, say cut, for example, rather than blood, there is a gush of (what I can only describe as) liquid energy. When this energy dissipates the injury is gone.  The same thing occurs when any piece of his outfit is damaged.

Flight is another of Titan's signature abilities. He has always had an expert ability to maneuver in the air. How he flies is a mystery, though I assume, much like I do with his strength, that this is again another aspect of his energy charge. While in flight he can increase his speed by discharging short range bursts from his hands. This allows him immense increases in speed.

His ability to teleport is impressive, as long as he has been somewhere or has a good idea of where it is, he can go, almost instantly, from place to place. He once looked at the moon and concentrated hard on a spot. He was able to successfully teleport to that location. This also proved him capable of living in a vacuum. (NOTE: Adrian has explained, since his return, that he is not teleporting. There is no matter to energy, energy relocation, matter reconversion. He is preforming a complex spacial relocation. In other words, he is moving himself in space from one place to another. This explains the needed concentration and energy build up as the Key Stone calculates and prepares a portal … of sorts.)


Subject: Midknight Titan

Since his return to life he has even more control over his powers. He is stronger and far more focused.  Having revealed what happened and what his powers are confirms much of what Jonus and I have already thought. It also answers other questions. He said that he has combined the knowledge of the Key Stone's creator with his new form. The name of Mr. Midnight was chosen to remind him of what can happen with abuse of his power. He added the 'k' to signify his assumed protectorship. No longer just of Bay City, but of the Earth. He has a great knowledge, in his Midknight form, of what lays beyond Neptune and Pluto, and has promised to defend Earth if the wrong one's show up again.

After his resurrection Adrian has more knowledge about his powers than ever before. In his words (and my understanding) this “Key Stone” is an object capable of preforming any act. It is fulled by an artificial universe and all the energies there of. Basically a devise with infinite energy capable of using that energy in any way. He also explains that he 'merged minds' with the creator of the device giving him access to all of its functions.

Adrian has been able to retain certain knowlege from his Midknight form.  He can remember things about the Key Stone, civilzations outside our solar system, and certain basic fundementals; but he can not retain the advanced knowlege of physics, chemistry, science, mathmatics, and magic.  He has explained that, what he calls, his basic hero package, was granted to him by specific parts of his outfit.  His gloves and shoulders granted him his energy chaneling.  His shoulders and belt granted him his defensive and regenerative energy field.  His belt and boots granted him his flight  His boots and gloves granted him his super strength.  The abundance of his energy came from the Key Stone in his chest.  His ability to 'teleport' was him subcousciously tapping into the full power of the Key Stone.