Yellow Lantern 4202

Alias: Micheal Okane

Status: Alive

Rank: Recruit

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 180 lb.

Favored Construct: Dual Daggers


Micheal Okane is a war veteran, who was respected among all his peers. He speacilized in ballistic daggers. His one flaw was his merciless style of fighting. He would exterminate his enemy in any way possible to acheive his goal. 

One day, his mercilless style got him into deep trouble. He was sitting on his bed, sharpening his knife when a colleague came and started taunting him, and calling him a coward. Without thinking, he murderd his colleague, and was standing over him when he got a call saying his family had come and wanted to see him. They walked into the room, looked at the dead body, and screamed. His daughter, Samantha, was crying hysterically. She called him a monster, and ran away from him. His wife was screaming, and trying to make sense of it all.

He was brought into the Commanders office, where he was released from his duties and to be put in prison for life immediately. He was brought outside where he was to be put in a truck and taken to a high security prison. As he was stepping into the truck, he saw a bright flash of yellow light, and when his vision cleared, he was in a different location. A purple man asked him if he would want to be forgived for his crime. Obviously, Micheal said yes, and was given a ring. The man asked him to say these words-

                                                                In Blackest Day, in Brightest Night

                                                                 Beware your fears, made into light

                                                                ''''' Let those who try to stop what's right

                                                                Burn like his power, Sinestro's Might!

He recited the chant, and his ring glowed brightly. The man looked pleased, and introduced himself as Sinestro. He then asked for his greatest fear. Micheal had no idea what was going on, but told him his greatest fear was spiders. He was then faced with a giant, see-through, yelllow trantula. He imagined he had his daggers in his hands, and felt something in his hands- the two daggers he imagined, only they looked like they were made of what the spider was made of. Maybe out of braveness, or sheer stupidity, he ran at the spider and cut off his legs and stabbed him in the eyes. The spider then shattered as if it was glass. He looked towards Sinestro, and was welcomed into his ranks. He was then explained everything, from what the ring was powered by, to how to use it. 



Present DayEdit

Micheal Okane now fights for Sinestro and remains loyal to him no matter what. After the initiation, Micheal was assigned a mentor named Lyssa Drak. He continues to become stronger with the aid of Lyssa Drak.