The Entity-2

Life Entity from DC Comics

The Life Entity is the meta-physical embodiment of life, represented by white light as the product of all colours in the electromagnetic emotional spectrum. As the character "Immortal Entity" in DC Universe Online [EUPS] the Life Entity takes hosts (similarly to Sinestro in Blackest Night) and uses them to help preserve life on Earth, as Brainiac is now its greatest threat. Its common hosts are Revera, Whitehawk, The Anomaly and Annak'e.

As The AnomalyEdit


White Lantern Anomaly

The life entity's powers only add a small portion to Anomaly's seemingly endless power list, but this union is not formed to aid Anomaly, but instead to be the Entity's ultimate host. Due to his Kryptopnian physiology, the Entity has unparalleled durability, and all the abilities of a Kryptonian under a yellow star in addition to Anomaly's meta-powers. Thermokinesis manifests in conjunction with the white light to burn enemies with pure white energy blasts and projectiles.

As WhitehawkEdit


White Lantern Jack Masters

Though technically capable of producing infinite white energy arrows, Entity prefers to use Whitehawk's sacred arrows due to their healing properties. Whitehawk is only a temporary choice for the Entity to bond with, and is chosen for his unmatched technological and martial arts capabilities.

As ReveraEdit


White Lantern Revera

Revera may be a villain, but he is ultimately a good person. He is also strong, exprienced with light wielding and carries an acute emotional depth worthy of the Entity's presence. Revera shows the most control over the Entity's power, but is only temporarily chosen to aid in battle.