Name: Leo Young

Alias: Kid Blurr

Aliases: Teal Speedster, The Boss, The Blurr, Blue Flash, Kid Flash

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Speed

MMET101 AUDIO-PC-05-18.16.560

Age: 16

Base of Operations: Sky Front

Identity: Secret

Race: Meta

Citizenship: European

Occupation: High-school Student

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150 Ibs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Origins Edit

Kid Blurr was around before the war with Brainiac and has dealt with many threats before that. Not giving his powers by the 2005 Explosion Kid Blurr's origins are hidden. All that's known is he was once in a younger version of the Justice Teens lead by Justice Kid. With Wondera, Morning Sparrow, Young Fate, and Martian Niro, the 6 teenagers acted as a unknown team in 2006 before vanishing before the years end.

Kid Blurr became leader of the new, Justice Teens in 2007. Kid Rager, Wonder Teen, Lantern, and Mockingbirdx. He and his team dealt with a number of threats such as a terrorist cell called, Ilbi'an, an evil witched called, Killer Magic, and met 3 other teen heroes, Night Sif, Donut Boy, and Valkyrie Girl. At the end of the year, Night Sif died and inspired Blurr to give birth to, The Justice Teens of America.

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Death Edit

Personality Edit

While working mostly for the side of good, Kid Blurr is an Anti-Hero. He has been known to compete with the police in Atlanta, and was hunted by the Justice League multiple times due to his aggressive behavior. That being said he has a good heart, though masked under years of pain, death, and betrayal. Known for caring mostly for Justice Teens, that grew into a more racial issue after death of Kid Rager where he only favored Meta-Humans over Humans. As he aged, Kid Blur became more patient and understanding though cynical and private.