Jennifer Sutcliffe


Name: Jennifer Sutcliffe

Gender: Female

Age: N/A

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Blue

Alignment: Justice League of America

JLA Contact: Superman

Power Classification: Ice (Meta)

Movement Classification: Speed (Meta)

Weapon Classification: N/A


Jennifer Sutcliffe is from one of the many realities of the multiverse and her story is not a cheerful one.

In her universe, Lex Luthor intended to turn Superboy against Superman, and managed to capture him by means of Green Kryptonite.

Once in his grasp, he exposed Superboy to a massive dose of reverse-engineered Red Kryptonite, whose effects would simply never wear off. Luthor's plan backfired on him the moment he freed Superboy to set him on Superman, for he killed Luthor instantly.

As the effects of Red Kryptonite are various and unpredictable, they affected Superboy and Superman quite differently, rendering Superman amnesiac and powerless and turning Superboy into a lunatic and evil being, only partly losing his powers. He killed Superman simply by snapping his neck.

Superboy became one of the most dangerous threats the world had ever known, roaming free through the planet, his wits intact yet led by an unquenchable lust for greed, vice, and innermost primitive desires. 

Jennifer was conceived under such circumstances. She was raised by her maternal grandparents, for her mother died during childbirth. She soon discovered her super-human skills, the very last legacy of her father's original genetic template, Superman.

By age 10 she was a loner, wandering about the streets of Metropolis with no guidance or help, steering away from trouble and providing herself with sustenance through her powers. She was found by Powergirl whilst saving a man from a burglar. She took her under her wing, trained her, informed her of her Kryptonian heritage and told her about Superman's legendary exploits.

Jennifer's hatred for her father kept mounting, as she eventually committed herself to track him down and face him.

Six years later she had finally managed to find Superboy, who had long since stopped going by that name. Jennifer engaged in a battle with his father only to be reached in time by Powergirl who caught up with them. 

Powergirl sacrificed her life by detonating herself whilst grabbing Superboy. The explosion opened a rift in the space-time fabric and sent Jennifer to the current universe.

She was once again alone.

Jennifer never got over the loss of Powergirl and her being sent into an alternate reality, though a much safer and hopeful one. She made an oath to use her powers to help other people, and is slowing coming to terms with her new world.