Jaundise, wearing scraps of clothes from the Gotham Rogues

Name: Jaxil Qapzur

Age: "No one knows. I wouldn't ask if I were you." - Hal Jordan

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair: Unknown

Eyes: Black, as far as anyone can tell

Alignment: Sinestro Corps


Jaxil Qapzur was born on the planet Cyraal, where the population was a humanoid species. As a young adult, he served as a consultant to the world leader, known as Rex Cyraal. He tried to share his views of the government (which were greatly tyrannical), and refused to hear them. 

When he got older, he (along with a group of friends) lead a coup to overthrow the Rex Cyraal. The revolt destroyed many homes, and killed thousands. Jaxil was successful in overthrowing his leader, becoming the new Rex Cyraal. His dictatorship would only last a couple of years; his planet was overtaken by Brainiac, leaving all of the inhabitants to evacuate.

Before Jaxil could evacuate, he ran into another alien who admired how he instilled fear into the people of Cyraal. Jaxil was confused why he came to him like this. The alien's name was Amon Sur, and he was recruiting new members for the Sinestro Corps. Amon Sur told him that he would be perfect for a yellow power ring, and gave him one as he was leaving his planet.

With Brainiac's forces on his tail, Jaxil traveled through the cosmos until he reached a blue planet, which also had life. According to his ship's planet database, this planet went under the name "Earth."

He ended up crash-landing in the Diamond District of Gotham City, right in the middle of a gang war between the Falcones and the local police. At the time, the Falcones didn't pay attention, but the police immediately tried bringing him down.

All of the police officers were dead within 5 minutes. The Falcones definitely took notice of this. Since then, he has roamed Gotham City, spreading fear with his power ring.


Like all Sinestro Corps members, Jaxil wields a Yellow Power Ring that can make any hard-light construct he desires. However, even without his ring, he is very formidable. His alien physiology gives him extra strength, and the stripes on his skin, while normal to his people, are corrosive to human skin.

During one of his fights, his Power Battery exploded, and shards of it went inside his body. When he takes off his face mask, he can pull off his skin with it, and spew a yellow beam of pure fear into his enemies, rendering them lifeless.

He is also known to use the latest strain of Venom, after raiding the supply depot run by Bane.