"Patriarchy!!! Men must die!! Stupid misogynist sunshine!! Ahh!! Bow to women, puny men!! Obey your masters!!! You will obey your feminist rulers!!" - Jade Everfall, top of the remnants of Metropolis City Hall

Jade Everfall

Real Name: Jade Everfall

Aliases: Jade, Catlover1908, PatriarchySmasher304

Nicknames: The Goblin of Metropolis Sewers, No tit Nataly

Age: 19

Height: 4 ft

Jade Everfall (Dog)

Jade disguised as a dog.

Weight: 90 lbs

Hair Color: Bright Red

Skin Color: Pink (Due to her constant anger)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Villain

Jade Everfall (Firebomb)

Jade committing a firebombing, prior to her death.

Mentor: None

Marital Status: Single

Romances: None

Favorite Animals: Cats

Personality: Angry, Dishonest, Stubborn, Headstrong, Manipulative, Jealous

Likes: Killing men, Blogging, Ruling over men, Empowering women she doesn't see as traitors, Cats, Kittens, Domestic Terrorism

Dislikes/Hates: Men, Males of any kind, Women who flirt with men, Women who defend men, Women who don't agree with her views, Women that think highly of any man, Testosterone, Masculinity, Male Sympathizers



She can transform into various animals, but it is limited to her gender.

Enhanced physiology

Her powers pushed her body to new heights, making her as strong and fast as an olympic athlete.



She has studied Krav Maga, becoming a brown belt.

She knows how to construct several kinds of bombs, including a miniature nuke.



She's skilled with manipulation, enough so to kill over 400 men without being caught.

She's skilled with lockpicking, but not an expert.


Back Story: Edit

Jade was born to abusive parents that were wanted felons in several states. Her mother used her as a tool to get what she wanted, and her father would beat her. Her mother was wanted for the murder of several men, and her father was wanted for a variety of crimes including theft, murder, harassment, assault, and pedophilia. They had been on the run for several years, but by the time Jade was 3, they had assumed new identities, and enjoyed their wealth. Jade's mother knew of how mentally ill her father was, and would manipulate him into doing what she wanted. This mental illness caused him to desire Jade in an unhealthy nature, and her mother would use Jade as a bargaining chip.

Her mother manipulated Jade in to believing that her father was the only bad one out of the two, and that he was the one who was manipulative. By the age of 8, Jade had had enough, and killed her father during a trip to Connecticut. Her mother attacked Jade with a box cutter, because she saw Jade's father as a good tool. Jade, shocked her mother attacked her, killed her mother too. She was later found by local police, and after a while, sent to an orphanage.

Jade would later be adopted by a wealthier family. The family had three sons, two of which were adopted. They wanted to have a daughter, but were unsuccessful, so they decided to adopt one. The man and his wife were both concerned that the wife would lose her great figure, and decided that adoption would be a better route than ruining her hot bod.

They were happy to finally have a daughter, so they treated Jade exceptionally well, compared to the other kids. She never had to cook or clean, because the boys were made to do so in her place. The wife would always joke that men needed to learn how to take care of women, but Jade didn't realize it was a joke. They showered Jade with presents, even once buying her a golden Ferrari.

Jade was sent to an all girls private school, and was treated well. Around the time she was 16, Jade had to be moved to a local public school, after a male janitor was discovered dead in a locker, because her parents sought to protect her from whoever the killer may have been. Unbeknownst to them, the killer was actually Jade herself. Jade began attending her public school about 3 days after the murder, and nothing unusual happened for several weeks. One night, Jade decided to cook dinner for her family. She handed her, her adopted mother, her adopted father, and the eldest adopted brother their plates first. She served the second youngest brother next, and the youngest's last.

Later that night, Jade went into the second to youngest brother's room to check on him ... and cried out in horror. The boy lay on his bed, lifeless, and un-moving. The scream woke the parents, and they came to check on what was happening. The husband called an ambulance, and the wife tried to wake the son, but he wouldn't move. She knew what it meant, and began crying hysterically over her son's death.

The pastor says the blessings, as the the boy is laid in the ground. The wife is sobbing over her actual son's death, while her adopted sons sob as well. The husband sheds a tear as his baby boy is laid to rest, and Jade stares at him, cold and unfeeling. She begins to sob, so she isn't suspicious, but can't help but feel joy. She liked killing men ... it made her happy.

Several weeks passed, investigators couldn't find a lead to his cause of death, and the case was considered cold. Things were different around the house. The wife wasn't her usually obnoxious self. The husband wasn't running off to secretly meet with his lover. The boys weren't talking about how many girls they slept with that week. It was so silent, and unsettling.

Jade began exploring the internet, in her free time, to watch funny cat videos. She also took the opportunity to check her social media sites. She had become a member of the current feminist movement, and sought to enforce her own ideals upon men. She wanted men to bow to her, and all women, or die. She disliked women who sympathized with men at all, because, in her eyes, they were all worthless and disgusting.

Jade soon discovered the S.C.U.M. S.C.U.M. stood for "Society of Cutting Up Men", and she felt at home. She had found a large group of women that sought to eradicate men as well, and they shared methods for doing so with one another, as well as torture methods. One method involved tying the victim's back, legs, and feet to board that were nailed together to hold the back and legs straight, then placing stone blocks under the victim's feet, until they broke. Afterwards, the victim would have their genitals attached to a car battery with jumper cables, then shocked until the victim passed out.

She loved having this information presented to her, because it expanded her capabilities. Over the next 2 years, she had managed to torture and kill over 400 men. She was a skilled killer, but she was becoming over confident.

One night, she decided to abduct, and torture the eldest son of her adoptive parents. Everything went well for her, until two days after the original abduction, when a janitor found the poor guy in the warehouse she was keeping him in. Jade was out shopping for new furniture for her apartment, since her last victim had gotten blood on some of it, when several police cars surrounded the store she was in.

She kept her calm, because she was confident in her methods, so she figured they had come for someone else. When she turned back around to face the direction of the police cars, she was knocked unconscious by the butt of a gun. The officers turn Jade over, and handcuff her, then take her to the station.

Jade awakes in a jail cell, and begins to panic. She knows she's been caught, and needs a plan to escape. A day passes, and she's becoming desperate. She's tried every method she learned online, and they were ineffective. One seemed like it was going to work, but a guard caught her, and she was thrown in solitary.

She begins to cry in fear, and she hates herself for it. She feels weak, and powerless. She hates that feeling ... alot. Something takes over her, and her rage fuels it. She begins to change, her body becoming larger and stronger, destroying the handcuffs. She had become a gorilla, and used the opportunity to rampage through the police station, and escape.

A year later she finds herself on the run, like her birth parents. She'd become a terrorist, using her powers to kill men, assault men, torture men, and anything else to harm men. She discovered that her powers were fueled by adrenaline, and she had never been more enraged and afraid than that night in the cell, because she knew that feeling of powerlessness, and that she was going to be executed by ... men.

She had been harassing several new heroes, and older heroes, including Superman, Batman, and The Flash. She had set her sights on Ken Spartan to steal his powers, and use them to accomplish her ultimate goal, which was t eradicate men from the multiverse. This caused her to clash a couple times with his wives, most commonly with Rin-Tra.

Unfortunately for her, during one of her plots to consecutively firebomb several areas of Metropolis, and set a miniature nuclear device off in the Daily Planet, she failed to escape the explosion of the small nuke. She had been making her way out of the building, when Clark Kent had stopped her. He knew she wasn't an employee....somehow. Her disguise was perfect, but somehow he could see through her prosthetic face. She looked at him closely, and decided to test him... by shooting him. Surely enough, he turned out to be the Man of Steel himself, and she decided to take him with her. The bomb had 2 minutes until it detonated, so she knew she had about a minute, and 40 seconds to weaken the Man of Steel.

Hearing the gunshot, bystanders try to escape, but find that the exits had been sealed by Jade. Jade relentlessly attacked Superman, giving him no chances to save anyone. She knew he was adamant about not killing anyone, and used it to her advantage. It didn't last very long though, due to his immense power, so she pulled out her emergency kryptonite. Superman began to double over. Unlike Batman, Jade knew of the kinds of enemies that Superman fought regularly. They used kryptonite a lot, so she knew he had at least a slight resistance. To insure she could defeat him, she exposed the kryptonite to heavy doses of radiation, which empowered the kryponite immensely.

Jade relentlessly attacked Superman, until the bomb detonated. The explosion killed almost everyone in the building, except for Superman. It also caused a radioactive cloud of kryptonite to form, which nearly killed Superman due to it's strength, and him breathing it in as he tried to escape. Lois Lane's obituary was read on the news the following week, and she and Jimmy Olsen were buried in the Metropolis Cemetery. Jade's body was found among the wreckage, mostly charred bone. She too was buried, but became even more infamous, and a popular face for terrorism.