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"Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of diffculty lies oppurtunity" -Albert Einstien

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Name:Impossible Girl

Aliases: Nico Robin, Alice, The Siren of Britian, Bad Wolf, Guardian of Time, The Listener, The Firebrand, Wanderer of Twilight, Vessel of Hope

Race:Half Human/ Half Timelord

Real Name: Kyla Montengerro

Age:20 yrs old or 200 she doesn't remember

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown with a hint of blue corpral energy

Mentor: Batman & Wonder Woman

Power: Quantum

Primary Weapon: Dual Wield Swords

Secondary Weapon: Staff, dual pistols,bow, halbred, hand blasters

Role: Guardian of time

A New Start Edit

Ruby Malone has lived mutliple lives and remebers every one of them because this she has always felt jaded but something happened appeared Omnious to her and her future.

I was in a ruined Metropolis , I had not know what happened to me until I'd seen all the heroes and villans engaing in Mortal Combat. In the end Lex Luthor had killed Superman awed strucked I found that a ship had appeared out of the sky and then I woke up.

When going out or my walk i was still in Gotham a hell on earth filled with pyschos and heroic vigilanties. When I was walking, Iooked up in the sky and then there was a explosion and everyone hit the ground. Those exobyte things hit me and I suddenly energy like regernation energy from Doctor Who. When I it was gone I had changed, my eyes (irises)  were still brown but with the blue energy swirling around. Then these robots appeared and grabbed me while beaming me up. I then woke up in a stasis pod and a voice contacted me. Her name was Oracle and and was going to help me. I was in a big room when a crab-like creatures found me and attacked me. I destryoed and that same time energy (Oracle said it was quantum energy). Getting to the Gun Chamber I met with Superman and we took down more robots. After that was done I met Batman and started my life as the The Impossible Girl the one who died and came back to life to save Gotham.

As I had fought the villans of Gotham I became stronger my powers had literally become second nature. My employer and benefactor Bruce Wayne AKA Batman had asked me to help him deal wih Joker during the Regal Hotel incident and the T.O MORROW & Joker. When Iconfronted Braniac he said I was a anomally i continued to interrogate him and he had said that my power was irregular even saying i am not my own person . When the battle was over future Lex Luthor had appeared and revealed his plan to the mutltiverse and so did Batman who i thought was killed during the Fotress of Solitude raid in the future. When the Trigon had formed in the Gotham Wasteland. Trigon invaded her mind promising her riches and fortune if she became the sin of hope. She refused and her and a team of experinced heroes sealed Trigon back in his universe. But her story is not over yet The War of Light has bgun and her role willl come to play.

Her Past Revealed Edit

A year has past Alice has been working with the JLA. Wonder Woman got word that Braniac was assaulting Themyscria and get to the gates Tartarus. Apon arrival Circe pulled her aside saying She's playing on the wrong team. Alice refused but Circe tempted her with history of her past. This stunned Impossible would she betray everyone she loved for information about herself she refused telling Circe to "fuck off" and she'll find out on her own. While fighting Impossible felt something strange and that's when she had a vision Queen Hippolyta was declaring war on the JLA and Themyscria was in civil war. Wonde Woman found her looking worried but Impossible told her she was fine not mentioning her vision. As they found the gates they also found the Avatar Of Magic it put up a fight a Impossible curiosity got the best of her and studied the avatar's body it restarted and warned Impossible of the "betrayal" then it shut off. Then the final battle commenced and each of the Avatars had assembled which were quickly destroyed but then Braniac himself appeared and finally told Impossible her forgotton story. Somehow long ago Impossible was the first Timelord/ Human meta crisis. Alice had all these memories of people she felt she had a connection with because they were her. Then after that revelation Lex Luthor from the future came and told everyone his true intetions. Batman came up to her but she passed out from the overload everything.

Mending the Broken MindEdit

As the overflow of lives cam rushing back her Impossible fainted and went into a coma. But what really was happening was Ruby was trying to fix her mind, trying to get find herslef in all of the confusion. In the waking world Wonder Woman propesed a plan to go in her mind and help her, while Batman countered that they should wait. Future Batman intervened and said that she would be vital to the cause in the paradox problem. After being asked why it was said that she was there in the future becoming anget for them. She tried to help the heroes and villans but was killed after saving Lex Luthor. Doctor Fate casted the spell and said only three people could go Wonder Woman, Batman, and Kyle Raner to send in her mind. After being transported in they saw the damage that was caused by the overload. It was a battlefiield people, monsters, and the Heroes all fighting in a war. Batman found a little girl that was in the middle of it and took her it was revealed that this was this was the real Ruby. When going across the battlefield they witness some of her past life in one she was a indian woman, another a governess, even being a runner of the UnderGround Railroad when she was done she found the first Ruby and gave her a fog wacth which helped her become at ease. When everything was done she woke back up and was ready to kick Lex Luthor's ass.

Bad Wolf is Born Edit

When going through the multiple paradoxes of Batman and Lex Luthor she realized her time sleeping has weakened her. Going to Gotham she founded and turned in a favor Deathstroke owed her too teach her how to fight once again. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months but it had happened Impossible Girl was back and ready for anything. Superman had tried to help her on connections to Time Lords but most were lost in the Time War long ago. Pressing forward into the paradoxes was a terrible fate awaiting her. The team that had came with her into the paradox were trapped and needed help. Impossible panicking unlocked something deep inside her a power too dangerous for anyone. The Quantum energy fused with the energy of the time vortex changed her into Bad Wolf. An entity that was fearful in it's very right she brought the dead to life and wiped out a whole army of paradox monsters. Wonder Woman urged her to stop after she set sights on Future Lex Luthor she couldn't so filled with rage of all the hiding she became a vengeful god but it was Batman who truly saved her by giving her closure and helping her destroy her demons. Bad Wolf is still with in her always waiting for her powers to become fully released yet again.

The War of Light and The Opening Of Tears Edit

As the emotional spectrum was throwing itself into chaos so was Alice, every since she has came back from the Paradox Realm her mind has become open with new possibilities of the way things could play out. This created the tears manipulations in time that were connected to Impossible temporal powers which gave who ever steps into them the ideas of alternate reality. In attempt to close these tears she came upon Doctor Fate, Phantom Stranger, and Specter who also noticed the tears they attempted to seal the Tears but were unable to do so because that would mean unraveling the alternate dimension's just for the one dimension. So they combined all their magic and used it to make Impossible the only to notice these Tears. It proved successful and Alice herself was relived but still troubled. As she went to the planet Oa she came upon the power battery and she heard two voices one belonging to the fear entity Parallax and the Will entity Ion. She made contact with the entities but no one else could hear them. As she head back to Earth she was not prepared for what would come next. The entities realizing what she is possessed her to try and use her for their own personal gain. She was possessed by Parallax for days on end and The Butcher because of his anger on how his lanterns were loosing the war. That was the last straw for her using her powers she called them all to her mind and gave them a truce. They can still talk to her and she will help them with her problems only if she lets them draw on their emotional spectrum powers. Of course Adara, Ion, and The Predator gave her the approval but The Butcher, Ophidian, and Parallax were completely against it. The Butcher then decided to say yes because if he was without her how will his rage be carried out, then Ophidian reluctantly said yes but got an earful from Larfleez and lastly Parallax but had other motives for behind it. All was well in the kingdom and everything was for a time peaceful.

Powers & PersonalityEdit

From the exobytes she was given Quantum powers and enhacned intelligence. She has superior hacking skills even being able to rewrite T.O Morrow code that gave control over androids during the Oolong island incident. Her use of quantum mechanics give her control over time and space. If she concentrates hard enough she can use her preconigtion powers but that will tire her out immensely. She also appear to interest many heroes and villains alike always trying to take her out or even worse try to find out who she is. Because that know Hippolytaledge is more dangerous than any invasion.She was given experience in multiple weapon styles when she was given training from  putting in a favor  by Deathstroke. It has also appear she can regenerative powers but is limted to her changings. But she always has the same powers and attributes of her previous incarnation.

When confronted by a black lanterns they of her something only she could hear which was

"The girl who dies, he tries to save, she dies again in his grave." Then moving on meaning of that because of this she cannot be converted into a black lantern.

Has the ability to alter time and space, messing with gravity and freezing people in time, even using quantum theory to teleport herself to a short distance.  Her primary weapons are two broadswoards from medieval time bequeathed to her by queen Elizabeth after she accidentally went back in time in 1562. 

Because of her powers she figured out that her biology came from a Human-Timelord Meta crisis from her exposure of the time winds.

During  a time of practice Impossiple has found to use her powers as traps. By condensing a black hole or even a gravity bomb she can land it on even surface hidden it to her enemies. She can also infuse quantum energy to any of her weapons. When she figured out what she was a timelord she came to realize she was the only 1 left because they all were killed. All her past lives gave her training in all types combat styles. When saving her friends from destruction in the time vortex she becomes what she dubs herself Bad Wolf a being of immense power that can kill the universe in a split second. She is given the power to erase people from existence or even bringing people back to life. Another ability of her is she can manipulate tears in the fabric of space and time, meaning she can go through a tear and end up 1950's New York or even 48 BC Egypt. It's like a vortex manipulator except it's only accessible to her this was how she went back to meet Queen Elizabeth the first . Bad Wolf is never truly called upon because she fears its power, but it's always there for her to use it's just unlikely too use it in only extreme circumstances.

It also appears that she has some ties to the emotional entites becoming know as too the all the Corps the Listener for she is the only who she can contact with and can be talked back too. She has met Ion, Parallax, Ophidian, The Predator, and The Butcher. She can sense all of them but they must make themselves know to her not vice versa. After the deal Impossible can now tap into any of the know entities power but will be utterly influenced by the current emotion for only a short time.

Weaknesses Edit

Just like any other person she can be hurt and if damage is fatal she can be killed. She has a limited number of regenerations so it's possible for her to be killed. Using her preconigtion can prove to hurt her if she uses them for too long. This can cause her nosebleed's, headaches, and sickness. She also has a habit of trying to see everything and her ability to witness tears helps her no different BAD WOLF It appears she is has no weakness in this form because she is transfused with all of space and time itself to try destroy is futile and all who attempt to cross her should be avoided or they will perish. When an emotional entites posses her too long she will be incapitated for a long tiime

Personality Edit

Impossible is a mysterious and secretive person about her endeavors.  She feels she puts everyone endangers because of her knowledge of the multiverse. When she or her friends are threatened she will protect them with her life. Because of her timelord physiology she has a need travel and witnesses great events unfold. While in 1562 London, England she was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I as the Ruby The Siren of Britian. She hates being used even been by the emotional entites especially if they use her for bad purposes.

Equipment Edit