Name: Jessica Elmer

Alias: HaHa

Power: Gadgets/Tricks

Weapon: Staff

Movement: Super Speed

Faction: Villain

Mentor: Joker

Age: 26

Nationality: American

Hometown: East End, Gotham

Current Residence: Amusement Mile, Gotham

Occupation: Carnival Attendant/Prostitute

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 325 lbs.

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: European

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Green (formally Brown)


Jessica Elmer was a prostitute and a drug addict.  She wasn’t necessarily a bad person; she just made poor choices in life.  She was working at the Amusement Mile funhouse in Gotham when the exobytes struck.  An explosion mangled her body as well as the funhouse she was in.  The exobytes went to work rebuilding her body with the machinery within the funhouse.  The final piece attached was the faceplate of a creepy animatronic clown.   When they were done, Jesse stood a whopping 6’7”, and her new cybernetic parts gave her super agility and speed, making the use of a staff a lethal weapon of choice.  She’s also something of a technopath, able to create trick devices as if it were second nature.  Now she is more machine than human, showing no emotion behind that creepy grin.  The final words she heard as her humanity faded from existence were those of the clown’s voice box playing “Ha ha” in an infinite loop.  That was the moniker she would now go by.  The Joker LOVED the idea of his very own cybernetic clown and took it upon himself to make sure she spread chaos in the most hilarious ways possible.  Much like Harley, she is fiercely loyal, but without all those attachment issues.