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FreedomRollerMan is an incredible superhero.

Origin of FreedomRollerMan:Edit

FreedomRollerMan was on his rollerskate shoes rolling just like everyone else in the city on rollerskates. Actually, not everyone in the city was on skates but everyone in the city of FreedomRollerCity were always rolling. They rolled on anything with wheels; skates, bikes, cars, etc, and dubbed The City that Rolls. Suddenly a massive spaceship appeared out of the sky and the name "Braniac" was heard to be in control of it. FreedomRollerMan gets captured by Braniac and is teleported to another dimension, to a world not his own. FreedomRollerMan was born with superpowers and while captured seems to have been infused with some sort of "exobytes" that have enhanced his abilities and perhaps granted him with new superpowers that he never would of had. FreedomRollerMan breaks free from the containment chamber that held him within the spaceship. He fights his way to escape the ship and gets some assistance from the greatest superhero of the new dimension, Superman. FreedomRollerMan makes his way to Metropolis and forms his own base in the Tomorrow District called FreedomRollerBase. He hopes to one day return to his own dimension. He has been stranded in this universe, dubbed "DCUO", for close to three years now. In his desire to create a group of superheroes to help him find a way home and defeat all the villains, he wanted to create a league called "FreedomRollerLeague". In doing so he found others that wanted to merge their leagues with others to form one big league, but instead of forming his own league, FreedomRollerMan created a new community called DCUO's Smash & Roll Community. There are rumors of 10 in a roll call of a Smash N' Roll Society. FreedomRollerMan has a degree in controlology and a degree in damageology.

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Smash N' Roll CommunityEdit

This superhero has started up a new community for DCUO called DCUO's Smash N' Roll Community. There are rumore of a Smash N' Roll Society.....

Currently FreedomRollerMan (superhero USPC Server) is not in a league...