FlashClaw or Zerok-El, is an extraterrestial mutated wolf brought to Earth to deal with Superman and other of the Meta Wing's heroes.


Zerok-El was a Kryptonian Canine that was shipped out to Space way before it's demise. While traveling in it's space pod, it' made contact with Sunstone and Kryptonite it's pod. When it traveled through the cold and lifeless vastness of Space, it started to adapt these stones and absorb their energy. When he traveled near the Earth's solar system, It was intercepted by Braniac forces for Inspection, already making contact with the element of Ice and being contaminated by Human genetics, it morphed into a Humanoid wolf, after waking up in a blind rage and obliterating each part of Braniac's Incursion ships, Lex Luthor appeared to him and offered him help, inaudible of speech, FlashClaw made a slight gesture signaling "yes", and joined Lex into the Meta Wing.

Upon researching Zerok's DNA, the LexCorp scientists revealed that Kryptonite and Sunstone Remnants laid in it's body, as well as the Exobyte of Ice, This research was handed to Lex himself and ordered that Zerok must be transported to him immediately. Zerok was given the name "FlashClaw" because of his wolf-like appearance and the Speed Force enhancement made to him by Professor Zoom's help.


With the power of Ice , Kryptonian Blood, and Sunstone Manipulation, FlashClaw is a deadly foe, he uses his Ice powers most of the time with some help of the Dormant Sunstone effects inside of him.