Level 30 Ice Flight Hero

The Origin BitchesEdit

Jason Dread was a fairly average kid that liked extreme sports, of which was spelunking with his best friend, Steven Williams. Exploring caves under Robinson Park in Gotham, the two stumbled upon a strange ritual. Leading the ritual, was Brother Blood. Blood captured both kids, and proceeded to use them in his ritual. Mortally wounding both kids, Blood attempted to use the two to be vessels for demons entering our realm. Dread broke free, and freed Steven, hoping for both to escape. Steven sacrificed himself so that Dread could get out and find help, not realizing the sacrifice brought the demons into this realm and into their souls. Dread managed to almost escape before something odd fell from the sky and attached itself to Dread's exobyte dropped to Earth by Lex Luthor. The exobyte endowed Dread with amazing ice powers, causing his body chemistry to change and freezing his body. This change locked the demon inside, unable to escape. Nearby, hearing Dread's shouts, Batman arrived and quickly took Dread to the Watchtower. Brother Blood, watching from a distance, was angered that his scheme was foiled, but he had more tricks up his sleeves. At the Watchtower, Dread laid in a coma for weeks, while his body continually changed. Upon his awakening, Superman took him under his wing and helped him to control his new abilites. Zatanna and Dr. Fate, afraid of what Dread now held within, wanted to free the demon and return it to its rightful place. Before they could attempt, Brainiac's forces started invading Earth, forcing every hero into action...including a reluctant Jason Dread.

The FutureEdit

Jason Dread, aka Dreadlok, fighting along side the Justice League, helped quell the Brainiac invasion for now. Not soon after, he was sent to help the future Batman put an end to future Luthor's plot to change the timeline itself.

[1] Dreadlok's facebook page