DC Universe Online 18-0

Real Name: Destin Vineheart

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Red Orange

Alias: Vineheart, Magnolia

Race: Metahuman

Favorite Animal: Panda

Mentor: Superman

Religious Views: Apathetic

Political Views: Apolitical

Marital Status: Happily Married

Current Status: Deceased

Affiliations/Relatives: The New Life Initiative, Ken Spartan (Husband), Tammy Spartan (Aunt In-Law), Susette Spartan (Mother In-Law), Trevor Spartan (Brother In-Law), Eileene Brooding (Sister), Eugene Deathfist (Father In-Law, Deceased)

Romances: Chris Torez (formerly), Maxson Bourgeois (formerly), Jaspus Despper (formerly), Ken Spartan (Husband)

Rogues: Brutilation. Yuga Khan, Azifer, Doomsday, Brick Mason (deceased), Circe, Trigon, Zod, Darksied, New Villains

Destin grew up with her grandmother, and verbally abusive younger sister. When she was 13, she discovered she was a meta-human, and one of only a handful throughout her family tree. This caused her family to mistreat her, because her family severely disapproved of super humans, but also, of people of different races. One example of how severely her family disliked other races was when her grandfather made her promise not to date outside her race, as he lay dying, and shortly before she gained her powers.

After a year, she would break that promise, and begin dating outside her race. It was during this time she would become interested in a mixed boy by the name of Ken Spartan. Over the course of several months she would train herself to properly control her powers. After a year of training, she would begin dating Ken, and shortly after, training him to properly control his powers as well. They would become a powerful duo of teen superheroes that would combat street crimes, even once defeating one of her exes.

In time, they would become engaged, fight against the Blackest Night, and in their civillian lives, overcome the racial intolerance of some of her immediate family members.

They were living well, until the day she died at the hands of a Butcher possessed Doomsday. Her death would forever change Ken. He would no longer be as carefree, or goofy. Months later, she would be resurrected by her patent revival abilities, and be devastated at what she found.

The world was under siege by Brainiac, and there were many new heroes and villains around the world. Buildings has been levelled, and she had to climb through the rubble. Her goal was to find the N.L.I, and Ken. When she finally reached the location of the warehouse, she discovered a league headquarters for the N.L.I.

Upon entering, she sees many people gathered discussing the current invasion, and at the center, announcing plans to counter attack, was Ken. Upon seeing him, see ran to him, and embraced him with all her might, kissing him. He was shocked, and upon seeing her face, he embraced her.

The N.L.I frozen in awe, two members stepped forward, and asked disapprovingly who Destin was. She told them, and they both looked shocked as well. Curious, she asked them who they were. They said their names were Rin-Tra, and Art is Faneves, and that they were Ken's new lovers. Shocked, Destin asked Ken what was going on, and he explained that after she Does, he was hopeless, ready to die. He had begun fighting without remorse, and thus was kicked out of the N.L.I. After wards, he had begun cage fighting, and was stripped of his powers temporarily. He managed to break the habit after he lost his powers, and utilized magic to compensate, continuing his superhero career. After a few months, he met Arris and Rin-Tra, then Brainiacs seige of Earth began, not too long after.

Upon hearing the revelations, she became upset, and asked if she still has a room there. Ken informed her that she still has a room, because the team didn't feel right giving it up to anyone. It was marked as a forbidden room, and once inside, she discovered it was exactly how it had been left.

A couple weeks would pass, and she would begin talking to Ken again. She came to the realization that he still loves her with all of his heart, and they would mend their relationship.

In time, she would come to accept Arris and Rin, despite her grandmother's teachings of traditional American relationships.

Three months after her ressurection, she became infected by an exobyte, and had to be taken back to the team headquarters, during a mission. When she awoke, it was discovered her powers had been enhanced, and it was later revealed to her by Swamp Thing that she had gained a connection to The Green.

She later died in battle against Brainiac.

Powers and Abilities: Edit


Incredible Metahuman Physiology - Her physiology is powerful enough to rival that of Kryptonians and even New Gods. This grants her a variety of super abilities:

  • Super Strength - She is physically strong enough to defeat beings like Doomsday in one on one combat. Her estimated bench max is about 76 sextillion tons
  • Super Stamina - Destin is capable of going extended periods of time without tiring, even against powerful opponents, like Zod or Bizarro.
  • Invulnerability - Her body is incredibly tough, capable of having a planet explode in her face without even as much as a scratch.
  • Immortality - Destin does not age, so she can live indefinitely, so long as she doesn't sustain significant physical injury.
  • Super Speed - Destin is capable of traveling at super speeds using her super strong muscles.
  • Super Senses - Her senses are super strong, allowing her to see thousands of miles away, or smell even the faintest of scents.
  • Regeneration - She can regenerate from physical wounds, ranging from decapitation to simply losing a toe. The process takes several minutes to complete unaided, though.
  • Accelerated Healing - She can heal from minor wounds almost instantly.
  • Energy Projection - She can project blasts of energy from her body to burn or incapacitate opponents. This ability is not limited to just her eyes or hands, either.

Mental Domination Resistance - She can't be mind-controlled, even by the the strongest of mind-controllers in any universe. The same goes in terms of reading her mind. This stem from a combination of her natural abilities, and her pregnancy by her husband Ken Spartan.

Chlorokinesis - Can control plant life and manipulate its growth, ranging from using vines to ensnare opponents to controlling entire forests and planets that heavily consist of plant life.

Bio-Fission - She can use plant life to create copies of herself, though these copies act more like puppets on strings, than actually having life of their own.

Pheromone Control - She can use pheromones to manipulate her targets as she sees fit, granting her a variety of abilities, for example:

  • Seduction - She can use pheromones to seduce whoever she sees fit, though she much prefers to only use this ability on her husband.
  • Subjection - She can use her hormones to subdue her opponents in a variety of ways, like lulling a target to sleep or even simply rendering them unconscious.
  • Fatal - She can use pheromones to cause death to her opponents in a variety of ways, ranging from driving them to suicide to causing their organs to produce lethal toxins.
  • Memory Wiping - She can use pheromones to force her opponent's brain to wipe the stored memories.

Toxikinesis- Her skin naturally secretes a flame retardant toxin that is fatal to humans, and many forms of alien life, including Martians and Czarnians. She can also create a variety of toxins and animal venoms within her body to combat, kill, or subdue her opponents. She can even mix certain toxins to create many kinds of acids. For example:

  • Arsenic
  • Urushiol
  • Snake Venom
  • Cyanide
  • Hydrofluoric Acid


Acrobatics - Destin is very acrobatic, easily able to surpass Olympic athletes.

Martial Arts - She has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, and Capoeira.