DemonicXFlames Edit


"Trigon will rise and nothing you do can stop the fate he will unleash upon you and my Eternal Fire shall burn in the palace he will build"

DemonicXFlames Edit

Name:Ashley Mist

Eye: Orange

Affiliation: Trigon , Brother Blood

Team: Villains

Mentor: Circe

Gender: Female

Race: Magically enhanced human

Powers & Abilities Edit

Power:Fire, Iconic Powers

Weapon: Martial Arts, Hand Blasters


Iconic Powers: Heat Vision, X Ray Vision , Super Strength , Sonic Cry ,Sonic Shout ,Emphatic Healing

Background Edit

Ashley was a author who was very unsuccessful until she gained the inspiration to write the story about raven and made a popular called : Raven Darkness . Which was inspired when she was saved by raven once. In order to write another interesting series she traveled around the world to gain the inspiration she need to write a second book about raven.

Unknowingly, when she was near a volcano she noticed that brother blood was there to find the piece of Trigons Fire when he lost his power when he tried to take control raven. Ashley thought that this would be a great help to her book she went to the volcano. she decided to hide in the cave when brother blood was outside searching. That Night when she was camping inside the cave she saw a light coming from the cave , she went to investigate the light and found a piece of fire glowing she tried to touch it as it looked magical and then the fire started moving and swirling around her and the piece of fire fused with her soul. She started to change as her hair turned orange , her eyes glowing in bright orange , she gained wings.

Due to this sudden change , she ran outside and brother blood saw her. Brother blood then knocked her out and brought her to trigon. Trigon thought that this would be interesting if he kept her alive . Trigon then brainwashed her and gave her the name DemonicFlames . He trained her how to fight and taught her to control her fire powers and flight. Reborn she served as trigons fire general whose was given to guard a he eternal fire that would keep burning forever.She then changed her name to DemonicXFlames as a guardian of the eternal fire.

When she was on a mission to aid brother blood in a fight against the teen titans a Brainiac harvester took her away and she lost her memories due to that , when she was freed she promised herself that she must recover her memories and her lost powers.