"My duty is to protect the ones I love, even if that means having to abandon others in the process."

-- Del Zurrel

Del Zurrel is a member of the Alpha Lantern Corps, a subgroup to the Green Lantern Corps. He was a former Thanagarian soldier, turned cyborg to aid in helping the Alpha Lantern Corps protect the galaxy. 

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Del Zurrel was a former Thanagarian soldier, turned cyborg. He replaced many of his organs and natural anatomy to dedicate himself to the Alpha and Green Lantern Corps. To better suit him for this role, he and the rest of the Alpha Lantern Corps willingly volunteered the replacement of their natural anatomy with cybornetic material, made from the Central Power Battery in Oa. This ensured that they were connected to the Central Power Battery and would stay loyal to the Green Lantern Corps. 

Del had most of his organs and body parts replaced. The only "natural" parts left of him are parts of his head and brain, wings, and parts of his heart. Almost everything else is composed of the Central Power Battery material. 

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