"By Hestia!"



Faction Hero
Gender Female
Race Amazon
Location Watchtower


Power Earth/Iconic
Origin Magic
Movement Flight
Weapon Shield

General OverviewEdit

Name: Ceryneia

Gender: Female           Age: Several thousand years

Weight: 135 lbs   Height: 5'7" Hair Color: Black  Eye Color: Blue

Home City: Metropolis

Mentor: Wonder Woman

Allies and Affiliates: Amazons, Sentinels of Magic, Justice League, Justice Society, Atlanteans

Major Enemies: Medea Society of Super-Villains, Cult of Trigon


  • Superhuman strength, speed and durability
  • Flight
  • Knowledge of Greek culture and mythology
  • Master of "shield-bashing" combat, adequate with other weapons including swords, spears, and bows
  • Has her own magic lasso, blessed by Hestia -- the Lasso of Fire which burns wrongdoers when they come in contact with it


When the exobytes came to earth, not even Themyscira was spared; Ceryneia, an Amazon who tended the shrine to the goddess Hestia, who she considered her patron -- despite her love of her sisters, she still felt a mysterious longing for the life she had before being resurrected by the goddess's, a life where she had a real family. By a strange act of fate, she received the exobyte of Diana, an Amazon herself, and received the abilities of Wonder Woman. She was sent to aid Diana and the other heroes with the Brainiac invasion, and has become known as The Amazon.

She is the enemy of Medea, a sorceress with the powers of Circe and the soul of an ancient witch.