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Annak'e [pronounced Anarachy] the Assassin is a Red Lantern from Earth. Originally a human by the name of Lyla Roberts, this subject was captured for DNA testing in a recently shut-down LexCorp experiment, turning her into a vessel for an alien lifeform named Annak'e.

One of the rare Red Lanterns capable of producing Red Light Contsructs, Annak'e the Assassin has mastered the red light of rage, and uses it to create weapons ranging from chains to claws and more commonly pistols. Fragments of her past as a human remain, including her love of modern vehicles and weapons.

Annak'e's arch-enemy is the terrifying metahuman cyborg "Hybrid", despite the two being allies within the Secret Society of Supervillains.

Official Character BioEdit

Alias: The Assassin, Red Lantern
True Name: Annak'e, Lyla Roberts
Species: Metahuman
Eyes: Glowing White
Skin: Pure Black
Weapons: Red Power Ring
Affiliation: Red Lantern Corps
Unusual Features: Pure Black Skin, Glowing White Eyes

Origin StoryEdit

DC Universe Online 141

Annak'e grows strong.

A Metropolis University graduate and a promising motor vehicle technician, the innocent and beutiful 22 year old Lyla Roberts was kidnapped by metahumans working for Lex Luthor in an unorthdox DNA testing eperiment. At a Project Cadmus laboritory, Lyla was injected with an experimental mutagen serum derived from the genome of a huge genderless jet-black alien named Annak'e, turning her into a moster, barely even capable of speech.

Annak'e originally atacked Krypton a few decades prior to the events of the Brainiac Incursion, only to be sent to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El. The hulking alien resided here for what seemed like an eternity before escaping by latching itself onto Phantom Girl, a Bgztlian and the only known alien with the power to phase between Earth and the Phantom Zone. On Earth, Annak'e was captured by Green Lantern John Stewart and later "freed" for an autopsy by Project Cadmus. Scientists quixkly discovered the existince of undeveloped meta-genes, seemingly comptible with human DNA.

At first the mutagen worked as planned, and Lyla developed meta-genes designed to learn biological data through radiation and other proven metahuman catlysts. This serum would have been useful for creating super-soldiers before the exobytes were released and genetic memory transfer. However, not all of the genes were empty, genetic memories of Annak'e's life, along with its strength durability and pigmentation were painfully transmitted into Lyla's body.

Breaking free of her binds and destroying the lab in the process, the result of the experiment was a raging superpowered humanoid female Annak'e, seemingly devoid of all Lyla's memories. The being was soon chosen by a Red Lantern Ring after terrozing a small portion of metropolis.

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Annak'e in the Hall of Doom.

3 year later, Annak'e was captured by Brainiac and sent to Harvester Ship VI-0 for exobyte extraction, but with the help of Calculator, Lex Luthor and the Secret Society of Supervillains, Annak'e instead destroyed the ship in its entirety. As a newly-ranked Assassin for the Red Lantern Corps, Annak'e serves Atrocitus and the corps by fighting organisations deemed a threat to The Society's plans in order to gain their partnership, even if that means destroying a few allies or teaming up with the Sinestro Corps.